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Arabs non grata in Mea Shearim

Police arrested several Jews who hurled stones at Arab taxis entering the religious Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem.

According to commonly ignored Jewish religious law, Arabs cannot live in Israel, but there is no general prohibition of them working here.

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Mea Shearim Arabs may naturally have no right to live in this area. But why shouldn’t they? What’s so particular about it? Besides, it’s evident that these Mea Shearim Arabs didn’t break any rules or peace. So, who can explain why Jews cannot demonstrate at least some amount of tolerance towards someone but themselves?

Peace fighter Cuba 28 February 2010

Behavior of some Jews is as unpredictable as that of Arabs. Actually, these Arabs were lucky these Jews didn’t use their Israeli knives.

Viola St.Petersburg 01 March 2010

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