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Arabs fume over a Jew's Temple Mount visit

Arab MKs and other scum lashed out against Israeli Public Security Minister Aharonovitch, who ascended the holiest Jewish site.

A previous visit by an Israeli public leader, Ariel Sharon, sparked the Second Intifada.

When Jews took over the Temple Mount in 1967, IDF Rabbi Shlomo Goren urged Moshe Dayan to blow up the Al Aqsa abomination immediately, as Jewish law unequivocally commands. Dayan retorted that he did not want a second Vatican here. This fear of strengthening the religious camp drives the government’s refusal to cleanse our holy site of Muslims.

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It is Jewish. So pay for my ticket, and I’ll light the fuse.
As a friend used to say, “F**k the rag heads.”

RevBadel Memphis 25 June 2009

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