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Arabs climb to 20% of Israelis

The number of Arabs in Israel steadily climbs over the years. Arabs enjoy Israeli welfare and have ample time to breed. Israel refuses to recognize polygamy among Arabs, and treats the additional wives as single mothers, eligible for numerous benefits from the stupid Jewish state.
Officially, there are only 3.5 Jews for each Arabs. In reality, the matters are still worse. Up to a million of Israelis with meager Jewish blood, while officially recognized as Jews, identify with Slav nationalities. At least 10% of Jewish Israelis emigrated permanently. Arabs constitute 34% of Israelis in 0-9 age group. Arabs are a majority in north Israel. Muslim Arabs increase at 2.9% per year compared to 1.4% among Jews.

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Will the Jews just meekly give up their country bit by bit to the faster-breeding Arabs, like the South Africans did for their Blacks, or will they go sane in time & expel them?

I just can’t grasp what other realistic outcomes Israelis imagine. ??

Eric Hand Edina,Minnesota,USA 11 September 2007

Did any of you actually checked out the link by Danny?

According to Friends of Efrat, there are 50,000 abortions in Israel every year. I am sure small number of these abortions by Arabs but that number is huge. Can you just do the math. in 10 years that 500,000 people, in 20 that is 1,000,000.

I am not sure it is just only Arabs are breeding like rabbits, Israeli Government must introduce benefits to Jewish mothers to have more kids, then sit and listen baby crying anywhere you go.

Eric, South Africa was BLACK even before the WHITE MEN ever set foot in SOUTH AFRICA.

Avni Goldberg 11 September 2007

Arabs “breed,” Jewish “blood.” These comments are certainly reminiscent of another time and place.

And as for comment #1, talk about TOTALLY ignorant. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.”

What a pathetic and dumb blog. Just goes to show, all us Jews aren’t smart.

David LosAngeles 12 September 2007

The Israeli Left….If Israel goes down it will be due to the Israeli left. How is it that the only Jewish state gives money to breeding arabs and then refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem. The refusal to discuss transfer will bring Israel down.

Ron 12 September 2007

gps maps israel
gps map of israel

Zello 10 May 2008

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