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Arabs benefit both ways

The Israeli government has approved an initial aid package for the villages that suffered from the Carmel fire. Most of these happen to be Arab villages. Never mind that Arabs started the fire.

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What a crazy world we are living in where people get rewarded for doing wrong!
They should just let them suffer!

Carole ColwynBay 06 December 2010

Uh, I’m COMPLETELY pro-Israel, but this is an IDIOTIC blog entry. “Arabs” did not start the fire. Two stupid kids did.

It’s one thing to generalize about Islamic fundamentalists, or Arab leaders, and stuff like that, but to say “Arabs” started this fire is just stupid and does not make this blog look very smart.

uh 08 December 2010

Uh: How about two dozens other fires, assuredly started by Arabs during the Carmel fire?

admin 08 December 2010

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