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Arabs are so good in science

Arabs are so good in science, apparently, that they constitute 16 percent of new employees in the Ministry of Science.

The surge is attributable to Majadle, an Arab Minister of Israeli Science who lacks even a high school diploma.

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what about russian new immigrants? even not so new also not so much trusted, in our democrasy, equality is a myth. In 90th we expelled from the country the most edvanced russian doctors by giving them a broom to clean streets.Now we have deficit of hundreds of doctors and cann`t build gospital for ASHdod!

ida arabsaresogood 01 August 2009

Why are arabs so good at science? Perhaps because this is the influence of their gene pool. Arabs, for instance, have been great at mathematics since ancient times. Besides, the question “Why are arabs so good at science?” is politically incorrect and reminds of Nazis.

grace NewYork 27 February 2010

In order to know how to be so good at science, you should be an Arab *smile*But being a part of Israel as Jews claim Palestinians to be, Arabs have all the rights to ask Israelis what they should do to know how to be so good at science.

Duncan Kili 30 March 2010

Instead of being ironic, it’s better for the government to pay more attention to the latest Arab rapist who didn’t think about science but only about sex.

Jessie Kimball 30 March 2010

Why is Israel so good at science is actually the question which should be asked. Arabic children very often attend Jewish schools and are taught by Jewish teachers. So, why is Israel so good at science should be a question to teachers.

Kenzy Kingman 31 March 2010

Arabs are perfectlu educated not only to be responsible for educationg others but feel comfortable to blow up the Israeli tank as well.

Ewan Kings_Beach 31 March 2010

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