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Arab MK: we're the only Nazis allowed here

MK Tibi called on Israeli government to severely punish Neo-Nazi Christian Slavs arrested in Petah Tikva. Neo-Nazi groups proliferated in Israel after the Russian aliyah brought many Jews-by-grandfather. Scores of Russian bookshops sell Neo-Nazi literature. Neo-Nazi Slavs are irritating but harmless in the terms of security, unlike Israeli Arabs who profess the very same views.
The purported Neo-Nazi group was a childish outfit without meaningful agenda. Headed by 19-year-old boy, the group attacked diverse targets from Asians to gays to religious Jews.
The Knesset repeatedly failed to repeal the Jew-by-grandfather provision in the Law of Return. It’s too late, anyway hundreds of thousands of people with no relation to Jewry have already entered Israel under the law’s auspices.
The lunatic state of Israel is among the few international outcasts which lack legislative prohibition of Nazi activity.

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So, the supposedly Jewish state has no prohibition of Nazi activity?! The irony is too much.
This should have been the first country in the world that upholds death sentences for Nazis without hesitation.

Erick S Tel-Aviv,Israel 10 September 2007


Avni Goldberg 11 September 2007

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