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Arab MK is smarter than Israeli ambassador

Arab MK Tibi threatened to sue the Israel’s Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, for claiming that Tibi supports terrorism. Oren had based his remarks on Tibi’s recent speech praising martyrs.

Now, that was a well-known misnomer. Tibi indeed spoke of the casualties of the conflict, whom he called “martyrs,” rather than terrorists. His audience understood perfectly that “martyrs” usually means “suicide bombers,” but technically Tibi remained within legal limits. To tell the truth, Tibi is a pro-Palestinian activist, but he does not support insurrection or terrorism; such military activism would render Arab politicians like him irrelevant.

Compare the smart Arab to the stupid Jew. Writing in the Foreign Policy, Oren boasted that Israeli democracy is so vibrant that it tolerates Arab MKs who call for our destruction. For the rest of humanity, however, that is not a sign of vibrant democracy, but of suicidal stupidity.

Ahmed Tibi

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