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Arab kills Israeli prostitute over $12

17-year Arab murdered Israeli prostitute in Beersheva over the dispute whether her services cost 100 or 150 shekels.

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Zello 12 May 2008

Jewish prostitute selling herself to an Arab, huh

Anonymous 05 May 2009

Israeli prostitute was extremely unlucky. But on the other hand prostitutes are unlucky all over the world. But this Israeli prostitute was killed for the sake of $1. This gact depressess me. Human life is nothing for some people.

Boss Kosovo 25 February 2010

Cruelty is a characteristic feature of Arabs. This guy kills a girl for $12(!!!)and one Arab father ordered his son to kill his daughter because from his point of view she was inappropriately dressed. Can you imagine it?! And this is the 21st century.

Indigo Ankara 25 February 2010

Israel cost of a prostitute is really low. Although this Arab was an absolute loony, he must have lacked the sum to pay Israel cost of a prostitute. And this takes us back to those numerous social issues Jews have because of Arabs.

Alec Kenner 30 March 2010

You guys shouldn’t be surprised. This is a prostitute but in Israel father kills daughter! His DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only because she was wearing a vulgar dress.

Lindsay Kenora 30 March 2010

Israeli prostitutes are cheaper than dirt. But that doesn’t mean that Arabs are allowed to treat them like this. No matter how unpleasant it may be, government should protect Israeli prostitutes.

Effie Kettering 30 March 2010

After what Arabs do to Israelis, it’s a blessing in disguise that Israeli relations with Mauritania and Arab League are getting worse and there will be no limits to take revenge on those dirty bastards.

Archie Khania 30 March 2010

This prostitute in Beersheba Israel turned out to be really unlucky. But the point is, that unfortunately this is not the only case of this kind. There’ll definitely be another prostitute in Beersheba Israel who will suffer from the same pervert.

Rae Klamath_Falls 31 March 2010

aND AFTER SUCH ACCIDENTS THE WISE jEWISH GOVERNMENT STILL HAVE SOME DOUBTS AS FOR whether Israel bombs Iran one day or not because Arabs are very nice people indeed.

Sheena Kodiak 31 March 2010

The victims Iraq and representatives of other Arabic countries choose are mostly weak. You know, it’s hard for an arab to cope with someone serious.

Bailey N._Little_Rock 08 April 2010

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