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Arab birth rate far outstrips Jewish rate

According to new data compiled by the Central Bureau of Statistics, the birth rate among Jewish families has increased to 2.97. That does not reflect the habits of the general population, but only the rise of haredi families in the population.

Arabs have much higher birth rate of 3.7, which is not dependent on their religious habits.

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i live across the street from neighbors that decided to compromise. the Arab man is Married to a Jewish wife and they have, (hold on let me look out my window) 4 children. how could u ask for more? on his side they r Muslim on the Jewish side they r, well technically they r Jewish but i doubt she cares very much he’s got lots of money and is very spiritual u can c it in his long curly hair, white tunic and business card which is an organization for Palestinian and Jewish peace.

of course “Palestinian” comes first as him being the man of the house needing to fulfill a dominant role and an Arab him self and his children whom, whoh baby i hope when they grow up they don’t end up killing mine.

but aside from worrying about tomorrow as the past (and present) can never be lessons to base the future on as humans r completely unpredictable (or not trust able for Arabs and down right stupid for Jews) that its important to live in the moment and at this very moment they seem to not be home anymore so maybe they r on a trip (but the car is still there but the gate is locked and shades drawn down so he could be beating her) but every other time they seem to be happy in his nice garden with expensive car.

he’s actually very friendly and is a completely stand out Arab as in aside from all the other Arabs around here he is the only one that does not give us Jews dirty looks, shout insults, and harass mostly the Yeshiva students here and anyone else who looks religious.

what a shining example i have here to base every single other negative case on which far outweighs but r also irrelevant being that my paycheck comes from Ha’Aretz and B’tselem (yes i’v got it made) and is highly dependent on ignoring reality and facts.

alright i’m running out of LSD i have to go around the corner got another outstanding Arab family that supplies me with the materials i need to do my work with. some work with coffee i work on MDMA. and if u ever need help with sleep this family also works with ancient holistic Arabic remedies they gave me one to try called diacetylmorphine and believe me it works i just can’t seem to stop even when i’m awake.

Guy Jaffa 25 April 2012

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