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Anti-Semitism sharply up after evacuation from Gaza, Lebanon war

Report by Tel-Aviv University doesn’t deal with anti-Semitism in Israel where one-fifth of the population holds strong Judophobic views.

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Israel..you got over a million Arabs living in Eretz. In an all out war (and its coming) will these potential 5th columnists be quiet this time. Even if 5% become hostile to Israel ..you do the math! I would guess that the next war will make thse so-called Israelis (Arabs) wont sit still BE ALERT! NEVER AGAIN! The clone of Hitler walks the earth again!

Roy T atlanta 28 September 2010

Thank God Israel doesn’t succumb to the same bigotry they stand against as this commentator would have them. The idea that Jews would stoop to the mentality of the ignorance that surrounds them seems insulting. Never Again doesn’t mean the Jews should do to anyone else what was done to them!

louis patrizzi mesa,AZUS 15 June 2011

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