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Anti-Semitism in US courts

After the shameful trial of Mordechai Rubashkin, an American court demanded $1 million bail from one Mordechai Orian, the Israeli owner of a recruiting company which brought scores of Thai workers to America.

Orian reportedly withheld the workers’ passports and threatened to deport them if they rejected his substandard terms of employment. Illegal, yes, but is it immoral? At any time, the workers were free to be deported home.

The court set the outrageous bail because it deemed Orian a flight risk as a Jew.

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Does Israel have an extradition treaty with the USA? If so, why is he a flight risk? Would Israel send him back if he fled home? Something seems fishy about this story!

Richard_G Philadelphia 09 September 2010

More of the same old hackneyed “anti-semite” crap?

People across the globe are beginning to be proud of being anti semitic. Like me.

We wear it as a badge of honour.

Paul Mills, Johannesburg, Gauteng johannesburg 10 September 2010

Paul: I know

admin 10 September 2010

Richard: You’re right, there’s an extradition treaty. A good point.

admin 10 September 2010

On February 27, 1988, Matthew Dorf of the JTA wrote an article in J Weekly in San Francisco that said:

“Until 1977, there was an extradition treaty between the United States and Israel. But an Israeli law, passed in 1977 and intended to protect Israelis from legal actions abroad motivated by anti-Semitism, superseded that treaty, according to an Israeli official in Washington.”

They should have put a $2 billion dollar bail on Orian. As for his actions not being immoral, I guess it is because those he abused were only Thai workers and not Jews.

Jeff Blankfort Ukiah 15 September 2010

Jeff: Extradition isn’t automatic, that’s it. Several criminals were extradited from Israel to the United States recently.
And yes, morality is not universal. I treat Jews, but not Thais as neighbors. Frankly, you probably care about your relatives more than about some Africans across the Atlantic dying from hunger. It is a natural attitude, and it is the Torah.

admin 16 September 2010

Treaty or not, every Jew the US has asked for, Israel has sent back, from Meyer Lansky to that awful kid who dismembered a classmate in suburban Maryland to the Pollards, who were on the Embassy grounds.

azamin ippish galutnya 08 November 2010

“At any time, the workers were free to be deported home?” He took their passports! They paid 10-12K upfront. Many of them were not paid for their work = slavery. The Talmud says that we should pray for a rasha that he should turn from his evil way and live … not that we should minimize his crimes and try to cover them up by talking about anti-Semitism. Are you really going to whine about anti-Semitism when criminals who put the Jewish people to shame are arrested and charged like any other citizen? Really?

SK Boston 18 December 2010

They could go home without passports, by surrendering to police. And the Jewish fellow is not an issue here – rather, the court’s anti-Semitic ruling which deprived him of bail.

admin 18 December 2010

admin, sep 9th, 2010

“The court set the outrageous bail because it deemed Orian a flight risk as a Jew.”

admin, dec 18th, 2010

” …the Jewish fellow is not an issue here – rather, the court’s anti-Semitic ruling which deprived him of bail.”

rolling my eyes. admin, stick to your arguments & stop defending yourself with contradictions when it becomes convenient. i’m a muslim who has truly felt that the jews have suffered unbearably, especially during the darkness of ww2. but to ADMIN, your distorted thoughts are ridiculous. even though he’s accused of a crime like thousands of other people, american courts are conveniently “anti-semitic” in this incident.

stop throwing this label around so excessively. today, the use of this term as often as it comes up has ruined reputations and lives in cases where its unwarranted. eventually, the term “anti-semite” at the smallest grievance is going to achieve the opposite effect of what you’d hope for, the “cry wolf” effect.

Muslim 21 April 2011

Was it illegal. ?. Yes.
Was it immoral ?. Highly immoral. It is called slavery and it is dehumanising.
Was his bail set high because he is a Jew ? No.
Was his bail set high because he is a citizen of another country ?. Of course.
Should a piece of meat like this be even granted bail ?. Probably not.

Now let this heinous skunk go down and do his well deserved 20 years in the slammer and let’s put this non sequitor to bed.

john jones london 21 April 2011

you might want to take a look at all of the charges against him and re-evaluate whether this was immoral. The FBI has just filed much more serious charges against this guy.

RV Jacksonville 21 April 2011

+1 to John Jones.

Any citizen of a foreign country tends to get a high bail, regardless of whether there is an extradition treaty. The whole point of the bail system is to avoid the necessity of needing to go through the legal system to recover a fugitive.

If it’s true what Orian did, then he deserves a high punishment.

But I sure wish we didn’t have so many people with the first name of “Mordechai” in the news as having done bad things.

Mordechai A 23 April 2011

I love how all the commenters here have tried and convicted Mr. Orian based on a news article’s allegations. In this country, the rule is innocent until proven guilty, and allegations do not a crime make. So until his trial is over with, I would suggest withholding judgment on him.

The Law California 30 April 2011

It’s not antisemitism this person has engaged in very terrible both unethical and illegal activities and there should be no affinity support for him just because he is Jewish. Israel has an extradition policy with the U.S., but how do you know he is going there. Lets wait for the verdict before we judge, but don’t be stupid to call this antisemitism when it is not.

Micahel Israel 21 May 2011

There is a report named “Migrant-Workers-in-Israel-2003″ (Page 21-22) it is about Mordechai Orian doing the same thing in Israel to chinese workers. Read this report it will change your mind about Mordechai Orian. This is not an abtisemitism case againest Mordechai Orian, he is a a bad person.

Udi LosAngeles,CA 21 January 2012

Anti-Zionism is NOT the same as anti-semitism!

Anonymous 21 July 2012

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