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Anti-Defamation League's Abraham Foxman reprints his book under Kahane's title

Foxman’s title Never Again? harkens to Rav Meir Kahane’s famous Never Again! book. ADL condemns Kahane as extremist, US declared his group Foreign Terrorist Organization.

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Zello 17 May 2008

Abraham Foxman is evidently famous person not only in Israel but in the USA as well. Although we know that in the USA not only Abraham Foxman but a less important person as well may be labelled as a terrorist.

ManAgER Romania 24 February 2010

There is a tendency not ony among Americans but among Israelis themselves as well to announce terrorists as many people as they can. For instance, not that long time ago they announced a certain Yaacov Jack Teitel that he was a terrorist, too. An a rather resourceful one.

Lily Prague 24 February 2010

Actually it’s somehow strange that Abraham Foxman on Meir Kahane hopes to make some money dealing with plagiarism, to be true.Abraham Foxman on Meir Kahane symbolizeds the laziness of the Jews.

Doggie Kapuskasing 30 March 2010

Jews are very original at what they do. Here they lift the book and in another situation charge a web-developer Jack Teitel with terrorism.

Kenzy Karachi 30 March 2010

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