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Andy Young is well and kicking in US politics

Three decades ago, a black preacher became Carter’s ambassador to the UN and tried “non-standard” approaches to Middle East and African diplomacy. According to Andy, all problems could be resolved if leaders would just talk to each other like human beings in the privacy of their homes. Andy built great relations with Muslim dictators and African tyrants and legitimized the PLO and North Vietnamese communists, but he failed to solve a single political problem.

Since then, the simple lesson to be learned from his failure has been forgotten: no amount of talking and ingenious approaches can solve real political differences; they must be fought over.

To everyone who followed developments in the UN in the 1970s, Obama is a carbon copy of Andy Young: same methods, same attitudes.

After the Russians rejected sanctions on Iran, Obama had a phone conversation with Medvedev about “non-standard approaches” to the Iranian problem. How about dropping this Harvard nonsense and just bombing the ayatollahs in the most standard way?

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The voice of reason, at last! “Harvard nonsense” is an appropriately accurate turn of phrase, & bombing ayatollahs is an equally appropriate approach. Long live Israel!

FeÚVert venice,california 14 May 2010

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