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Amona-lite: Israeli Border Police beats Jews at the Tomb of Rachel near Bethlehem

Jews failed to obtain Israeli permit for visiting the tomb located behind the Green Line. Olmert was apparently not involved in the incident. Border Police received orders from the Ministry of Religions (sic) officials.

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Police beats Jews only because they wanted to thank our God and pray on the tomb of Rachel! It’s a thing without precedent! And police beats Jews in Israel. What can we expect from other countries where Jews are not particularly popular?

Demo Stration 24 February 2010

Perhaps there are some other nations which can be described as more hawkish than Israelis but there are not many of them for sure. People are beaten in their own country because they want to pray! As if there were no Arabs.

James Baltimore 24 February 2010

It looks so odd when you hear some people injure others after some awful natural disasters taking away people’s lives. Like in Haiti, for example. And Israel Haiti aid may be not true and Israel won’t provide any support to this suffering country.

Calan Northfield 11 April 2010

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