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America's lost causes

Afghani president Karzai blamed the Taliban insurgency on NATO’s presence in the country and vowed to push ahead with his plan to reconcile with the Taliban. By forging an alliance with the insurgents, Karzai hopes to remain in power after NATO’s withdrawal, but the Taliban will no doubt execute him eventually. Karzai is trying to bring Iran into Afghanistan to replace the US as an arbiter; to that end, he invited Ahmadinejad to Kabul.
Obama greatly offended Karzai by refusing to meet him in the White House and with his silly demands that Karzai fight corruption and establish electoral transparency. Uprooting corruption is not only impossible, but would remove the one carrot Karzai has for his loyalists. Transparent elections would bring hostile elements to power in Afghanistan just as they have brought victories to Hamas and Hezbollah.

In Iraq, the ruling establishment is also preparing for American withdrawal by forging closer ties with Iran.
Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan chose Iran over the United States because the ayatollahs stand with their friends firmly and avoid liberal rhetoric.

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And that is the same mistake which the US did with Cuba, Castro first went to the US – rejected as we know and ….only then did Castro turned to the Soviet Union, then we know the story. And the US have learned nothing about their International Mistakes, just like with Israel, all Israel has to do is follow suit and turn to Russia, that is how the international game is played.

Alfredo Sydney 07 April 2010

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