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American saboteurs back in Israel

The US State Department pressed Israel to allow four members of the International Solidarity Movement, including one who had previously been expelled from Israel, to enter the country to testify in the Rachel Corrie trial. Rachel Corrie was dispatched to hell when she stood in the way of an Israeli bulldozer razing a Gazan terrorist house. Now her family is suing the army in an Israeli court.

The US State Department bars scores of right-wing Jews from its country, but has the arrogance to push Israel to allow members of ISM , one of the most dangerous ultra-left concerns.
Israeli courts, which are made up of self-hating Jews, have agreed to hear the Rachel Corrie case, which has been brought by foreigners and concerns a military operation conducted on foreign soil—a matter normally regarded as off-limits to domestic courts. An American court dismissed a related case based on political issue doctrine.

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