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American Jewish Democratic Council applauds Barack Obama

for asking Israel to retract from its current policy of “fear, terror, division.”

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When will American Jews as well as Israeli Jews, wake the _ _ _ _ up?! The American Democrat party has no interest in supporting Israel or any other decent form of government, no matter whether in the U.S. or in Israel. Barak Obama is an illegitimate Muslim bent on the destruction of the U.S. and Israel. He, B.O. was born in Mombassa, Kenya, and has never as much as established his constitutional eligibility to occupy the W.H. He was placed/chosen (not elected) president of the U.S. by the New World Order elite whose intent is full and complete dictatorial power over the entire planet. Even Israels’ new Supreme court building is loaded with N.W.O. symbology! Wake up people!!! Your lives, your property and your sovereignty is being stripped from you piecemeal by the worlds’ biggest bankers!

Melvin Cownzowfski Karmiel 24 February 2011

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