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America flexes muscles

After yet another skirmish between North and South Korea, the United States sent an aircraft carrier for joint exercises with the South Koreans.

As Rabbi Meir Kahane used to say, a Jewish fist must be attached to a Jewish head, and the same applies to Americans. After Clinton, Bush, and Obama all refrained from bombing North Korea’s nuclear facilities, there is no way that America would attack the communists in response to whatever provocation—and the communists understand that.

The United States commonly moves its aircraft carriers to the shores of Iran and North Korea, which saber-rattling looks good in domestic media but has no effect on the ayatollahs and communists.

Worse, America’s fake support prompts South Korea to provoke hostilities. The current round occurred when the South Koreans engaged in military exercises in the disputed waters—as if they have nowhere else to train.

South Koreans observe attacked island

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