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America cannot wait to waste

Shortly after the US Congress voted to cut down the financing for the open-ended war in Iraq from $200 to 50 billion a year, thus effectively ending the war, the Congress approved new mammoth military program: $459 billion for Falcon space bomber. The new wonder aircraft would operate 30 miles above the ground and reach global targets in less than an hour. A similarly wasteful F/A-22 stealth bomber remains unused because it’s just too expensive to risk. China already proved its technical capability of taking down US satellites hundreds of miles above the surface with lasers, and the new aircraft will not be invulnerable for long. A thousand Tomahawks, in Olmert’s words, can solve the Iranian nuclear problem much cheaper and efficiently than F/A-22 or Falcon aircraft.
The US withdrawal from Iraq will benefit Israel, leaving it as the only power in the Middle East for the US to rely upon.

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