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America’s Jewish National Democratic Council supports Hillary

regardless of her support for negotiations with Syria, Iran, further Israeli concessions to Palestinians.

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NJDC is actually the National Jino Demon Party.

editor HolyCityofNewYorklhavdil 30 April 2007

Just why American Jews seem to think Democrats are in any manner interested in or care about Jews (other than the various idiotic Jewish Democrats…maybe!?) I’ll never understand. The very party that does and has historically done the most to harm not only the U.S. constitution and the American people but also to harm Israel as well, is the U.S. Democrat party. If it were up to me all Democrats would be run out of the country on a rail, (or preferably lined up in front of a firing squad and shot for High Treason) on the basis of their complete disregard for the U.S. constitution and the Rule of Law.
The very things that American Jews, and all true American Patriots, love about America (i.e. Freedoms of Speech, Assembly, to worship in whatever manner they choose, etc. etc.etc. [essentially the Bill of Rights or the first 10 amendments to the u.S. constitution]) are the very things that the Democrat Party does its’ utmost to destroy!
Remember, Democracy began in Greece. If you will check out your history, you’ll find out that ‘Democracy’ did not last very long there in Greece, because it was found that it, quite simply, didn’t work! It still doesn’t work today and it also will not work in the future! The Greek Democracy degraded quickly into tyranny and despotism …precisely what is happening in America today at an alarmingly rapid rate under the current Democrat Muslim mamzer (it is clear that he is not only illegitimate but constitutionally ineligible to be president as well) Barak Obama.
So, all of you schmucks who want a Democracy would do well to study a little history before you get on the bandwagon of that particular form of government.
Many/most Israelis seem to think that the U.S. was intended to be a ‘democracy.’ But this is in no manner correct! It, the U.S., was established to be a Republic…and a representative Republic at that! The founding fathers of the united States (correct spelling) were especially wary and afraid of the possibility that the newly founded u.S. would revert into a ‘democracy’ (remember… mob rule?! That’s what a democracy truly is!)
Making the world ’safe for democracy’ is the herald call of most American politicians. Most contemporary U.S. politicians have not as much as even read the constitution, much less supported or defended it to any degree whatsoever, as they swore an oath to do upon taking their various office(s). The U.S. constitution supports and (supposedly guarantees) a Republican form of government! A Democracy is, in effect, mob rule. With a democracy, whatever the majority of the people say is OK… is OK! However, where does this leave us when it comes to immutable (Gods’)Law(s)? ‘Laws’, which under a Democracy, become interpreted pell mell by judges whose loyalty is to their pocketbooks alone, and are fully beyond the rightful limits of any specific Laws. Therefore, with a democracy, there are no absolutes anymore, only relativism and oppression by those who have the power either via physical or military or economic power to control all within such a system. Democracy, quite honestly, “sucks eggs through a straw!” It’s only one small step away from total dictatorship and tyranny! Do a study of Political Science 101! You’ll quickly see that this is so!
Is there any wonder why Israel has no constitution? It’s been in existence since 1948 or a full 62 years. Are you trying to tell me that a good, decent and proper lawfully restricted governmentally speaking, constitution couldn’t have been developed within that time frame? Give me a break! i wasn’t born yesterday.
To this Jew the answer is fully clear! Whether or not many, if any other Israelis will wake up to the fact that their country is not only not a ‘Democracy’, but instead it is indeed an Oligarchy! (The rule of a few…and an elite, and an exceptionally privileged, super-wealthy elite, few at that! … none of whom give two hoots in Hades if Israel remains a Jewish State or not, so long as they can be in control.)
I have no doubt that this comment will be removed as my previous one was by the underlings of the thoroughly controlled Israeli mass media system! But, at least you’ll have been told the truth for a change and realize that not everyone is a complete idiot in support of any ‘Democracy.’

Melvin Cownzowfski Karmiel 24 February 2011

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