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All of Africa seems Jewish

The Lemba tribe in South Africa has received an official certification of their Jewishness: not only are their priests genetically related to cohanim, Jewish priests, but the tribe is of Semitic origin. Soon, the Jewish Agency will figure out that it can justify its pitiful existence by bringing another 70,000 Africans to Israel.

The reasoning is nonsensical. If the Africans were remotely related to Jews three thousand years ago, what’s the deal now? They are pagan, Christian, and Muslim—not Jewish. That they put the Star of David on their tombstones only proves that they are fakes: Jews did not start commonly using the star until the nineteenth century.

In Spain and some regions of Ukraine, a quarter of the population have Jewish ancestry. Does that make them Jewish?

A proper study of Lemba’s Jewishness would involve ethnography rather than genetics. One must carefully learn about their old practices rather than quasi-Jewish beliefs implanted in them by Christian missionaries. If, besides being of remote Jewish origin, they have maintained significant Jewish practices throughout their history, then they must be welcomed in Israel. Otherwise, let them stay among the Christianized blacks in Africa.

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Who would like to live in Israel any way, Israel has many antagonist

serdna newyork 12 May 2010

Originally, Israel was a family. Being a child of Israel actually meant being descended from a particular family tree. Africans were part of that family tree. To say that the biological connection from three thousand years ago is remote makes as much sense as following the writings (i.e., the Torah and Haftorah) from the same time period. Indeed, if the DNA studies being conducted three thousand years later are to be believed, that the Africans have no biological connection to the European Jews, then a conclusion that may be drawn is that the original family tree was entirely African and the Europeans are converts. The fact that, after three thousand years, many of those Africans are worshiping idol gods in Christianity and Islam is fulfillment of the Tanach. This fact doesn’t mean that the Europeans supplant the Africans as the original, biological people. Rather, the fulfillment of Tanach prophecies may be that the European converts are to facilitate the re-gathering and converting/reverting the original Israelites back to the Torah.

Ships of Tarshish USA 14 June 2010

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