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Al Qaeda - now in Libya?

Oddly, the NATO-supported Libyan rebels depend for their military endeavors on Islamist groups which used to be aligned with Al Qaeda. Their leader Belhadj was captured by the CIA, rendered to Gadhafi, and spent years in Libyan prison precisely because he was a leader of Al Qaeda.

In Gadhafi’s jail, Belhadj ratted extensively both on Zawahiri and on the Libyan Islamists in Britain, so he can safely be assumed to have parted with al Qaeda. But he remains a quintessential Islamist leader, with their trademark superficial softness and ultra-politeness. He heads 3,000 fighters, and the rebels charged him with assembling all the ragtag militias under his command.

Belhadj is very popular. He received massive funding as his cut from the NATO transfer to the rebels. His militias are heavily armed from Gadhafi’s and NATO’s arsenals. It is very likely that Obama has sacrificed yet another country to Islamists.

Abdul Belhadj

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