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AIPAC's problem: the Jews

The current annual AIPAC conference ends up as a mass lobbying effort. The Jewish lobbyists par excellence streamed onto Capitol Hill urging the politicians to immediately spring into the action.

Here is the action they want: push Obama to push Israel to immediately create a viable Palestinian state.

In diplomatic parlance, viable means that Gaza and the West Bank are connected by a Palestinian-owned land patch which cuts Israel in half. Also, this viability would require the destruction of Jewish villages and the eviction of their Jewish inhabitants.

AIPAC did not consider Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and Russia to be worth its landmark post-conference lobbying effort.

The AIPAC debacle clarifies why Peres, rather than Netanyahu, spoke to the conference. Aware that the leftists have staged a putsch in America’s premier lobby, Netanyahu decided to pass on the embarrassing event.

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