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After 23 years, emigration from Israel takes off

This week, for the first time since 1984, more people emigrated from Israel than immigrated into it. Since mid-1980s, Russian aliyah temporarily reversed the long-term trend where more people left Israel than came in. At least 500,000 and probably close to a million Jews emigrated from Israel, mostly due to insecurity, economic hardships and lack of job opportunities. Polls indicate 60 to 80% of Israelis sympathize with those who leave the country. Sohnut seeks to offset the trend by bringing to Israel non-Jewish immigrants and the people with a single Jewish grand-grandparent.

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Emigration from Israel is the sign the government should pay their attention to as soon as possible. If they continue their policy of war and killing, one day there will be no one left to make war and kill. Emigration from Israel is the characteristics typical of many countries nowadays demonstrating how dissatisfied people are with what they have at home.

Anjelique Paris 24 February 2010

Emigration in Israel is not a new phenomenon at all. Because of the living conditions, emigration in Israel will be growing.

Callum Kanab 30 March 2010

Israel conflict and interest come across in this situation because emigration is a phenomenon which never causes a lot of happy thoughts or reaction.

Blaire Kaneohe_Bay 30 March 2010

Since is Israel has been going directly to hell with its morality and sex with teacher photos are another proof on the long list, why should Jews be surprised?

Inghinn Natal 09 April 2010

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