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ADL slams courageous reporter

The Anti-Defamation League lambasted Fox News’s Glenn Beck, who properly described George Soros as a Nazi collaborator. Indeed, this is the mildest of terms for that ultra-left Jewish renegade, who finances radical anti-Israeli elements.

During the Nazi occupation of Hungary, Soros worked for the Judenrat. He delivered deportation notices and was present at the Nazi plundering of Jewish estates. Far from an innocent boy, he was 14 at the time, past the age of bar mitzvah and fully responsible for his abominable deeds.

Glenn Beck

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Can it be that JDL is a secret admirer of Soros’ J Street?

yidlmitnfidl MedicineHatAB 12 November 2010

JDL is no admirer of Soros. And the ADL is probably taken out of context!

Ahmad Yaqeen Toronto 14 November 2010

BS”D – Funny typo yidlmitnfidl. Re the ADL being taken out of context, yeah…right Ahmad.

Ellie Katz 15 November 2010

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