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ADL: Down with Jews

ADL and AJC lashed out at the few honest rabbis who barred Bnei Brak residents from renting apartments to African illegals.

The ADL’s charge of racism is ludicrous. The rabbis did not ban apartment rental to Ethiopians, despite all reservations about their Jewishness. The issue is clearly and only the African illegals who enter Israel in ever-increasing numbers despite Netanyahu’s promises to stop their infiltration.

The illegals are attracted to Jewish religious neighborhoods by low apartment prices and the black market economy. We must laud the rabbis who have the guts to oppose this alien invasion.

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If a Country that issues passports to residents of that country, this validates your claim to that country, and you are a citizen of the country you reside in.

However if another human being, enters your country without documentation, and has “failed” to apply for legal entry, or Political Asylum against persecution.

There is one answer to this problem.

Return them to the country of there birth.

For each Nation must discourage this sort bad behavior, so criminals cannot exploit in human trafficking.

Close the Door and keep it Shut. For there must be no complacency or mitigation for this offence.

Or you will end up with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, like we have here in the UK, and then you will end up giving them Amnesty, like are current Political Leaders did in the UK with a masked political agenda to captivate VOTES.

In the name of a Multi Racial Society!.

However the Offspring or Children, of these Muslim groups of people, we offer home and shelter to.

They took offence, and made it a Religious issue when we had to go to War for the reason that follows below.

To suppress and root out Terrorism and its related Drug activities.

Also Documentation at the time was “not” include on the agenda,
To facilitate the Commercial interests of companies, for the much needed resources Gas & Oil, were untold wealth has all ready pass into hands to pave the way for such enterprises at great cost to others.

However Minority groups of Muslims in the UK decide that is not in keeping with there religion.

We sent are Army Lads Kill there Terrorist Muslims and the the annihilation training terrorist camps because they happened to be Muslims and not Christians.

How misguided can you be, have forgotten are History & two world wars this was evilness like no other and millions were annihilated and targeted by a serpent that is rekindle itself in other areas in the 21Century.

Because of this evilness that was allowed to go on nations were lulled into a sense of false security.But today there are good people that will do battle with the serpent,and end this rain of terror and the main message to us all, do not allow evilness to rare its ugly head. or it could be yours yours & yours.

Whoever commits atrocities of this nature whatever Religion you are. A free Society will never allow such evilness to take place.

For there will be a day of Reckoning for these people and you will not be able to hide or find a refuge anywhere in the world.

For in time Righteousness will overtake your evilness, and you that advocate and distort your religion in the name of ALLah Muhammad be praised. will end up Perpetual Damnation.

But a new generation has arisen from the old. And have not been able to act on treasonable acts due to there new laws that were made by people that had not had the exposure of personal suffering .

Until we all Suffer,and learn the lessons from time of are Fathers & Grandfathers and the Pain & Suffering they endured.

Justice will not come to pass for you do not offer sustenance to Those that Kill your family & its children.

For if we took the same steps to these terrorist as they do to ares,the killing of your family and children.

I myself would think twice; if i thought the unthinkable.

Go on a holy Jihad, and get my whole family killed My Sister or Brother, father or Mother Granny & Grandad, little babies that innocent.

For that is what you do to people. When carry out these Messages of the devil,for they hide behind a cloak deceit distorting the word of Alla and his written words.

For the must be a Balance in all Things.

However it does not matter what Religion you belong to,for it is mans interpretations that perverts it, for he uses it for his own evil ways.
Sending Little Children on Holy Jihads and other age groups to do the bidding.

For these people and they are using there Religion for there own ends.

And you must all prepared to put end to this threat including those that are hesitant, for no one is safe from this evil menace that threatens its citizens on a Global scale.

A R Thompson BournemouthUK 17 November 2010

there is only one solution to the ills of Israel:
eliminate the left! throw out the Arabs!
revolt – and national-socialism!
but “jews” have yellow blood.

calev dan 25 February 2011

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