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Abbas term expired

Since January 9, the Fatah thug is no longer a president of the non-existent Palestinian state. Israel jailed the Palestinian parliament speaker, a member of Hamas, for three years on false charges to ensure that Baas has no legitimate successor. Hamas doesn’t recognize the quisling president after the end of his term.

Nevertheless, Israel and other countries are working to bring the expired Fatah president into Gaza on Jewish bayonets to replace democratically elected Hamas. The attempt is pathetic: Fatah’s tentative victory in the West Bank is only due to the fact that IDF suppresses Hamas there. Unless Israel enjoys the same freedom of operation in Gaza—essentially, re-occupies it—Hamas will quickly dislodge Fatah there. Hamas may be crumbling now under Israel’s onslaught, but it will rebuild itself soon.

Fatah troops on the border with Egypt cannot prevent weapons smuggling through tunnels simply because of corruption—smugglers would bribe them. The presence of French troops would only inhibit Fatah’s operations against Hamas smugglers, as the French will insist on at least some observance of human rights.

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When does Abbas’ term expire is the question many people are worried about because success of this or that party will determine the balance in this part of the planet. Besides, the question – When does Abbas’ term expire? – or the answer to it to be more precise will be very interesting and important for many other countries all over the world as well.

Christian Macon 23 February 2010

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