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Abbas meets international criminal

The moderate Palestinian chairman met with Sudanese president Omar Bashir, who has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for the Darfur genocide.

Never mind that; the leftist supporters of Darfur remain equally supportive of Abbas.

Abu Mazen requested Sudanese assistance in reconciling with Hamas. This confirms Sudan’s pivotal role in transiting weapons from Iran to Gaza.

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Support of Abbas + genocide Sudan is charged with may have certain grounds, of course. Nevertheless, as long as it has not been proved, the alleged support of Abbas + genocide Sudan is said to be connected with, may be treated as abuse by Sudanese government.

BenBig Parma 23 February 2010

Reading the news one may develop an opinion that the main task of Israel is to find more and more enemies among Arabs and other people if possible, too. And then, for example, they may complain about a three front war trying to accuse everybody but themselves.

Charles Darwin 23 February 2010

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