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A third of Conservative Movement leaders in Israel support homosexual rabbis

(survey by Steven Cohen of Hebrew University)

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these polls are a sham…and are used to forward the gay agenda of inevitablity…they also want you to believe that there are a horde of closeted gays…

joba losangeles 07 March 2012

NATURALLY, a man impregnates and woman and the result is another human ‘being’. Outside of this NATURAL design is abomination, which means to go against that which is NATURALLY designed. Those who chose to side with this unnaturalness are held accountable by the same Universal Laws that govern all things. Just as one would step on a fly and soon afterwards cut themselves on the corner of a door, so one should innerstand the Universal Law termed CAUSE and EFFECT, or ACTION and REACTION. He who has an ear, shall hear. No need to quote ‘bible’ verse because that is for those who have yet to oversome spiritual adolescense. Im yertzeh Yahuwah!

Nabi Yahniyah Ben Yisrael ChattanoogaTennessee,NewBabylon 21 July 2012

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