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A seder in pharaoh's house

After blaming Israel for all sins, Obama will host a Pesach dinner in the White House. Previous presidents had the good sense to let Jews run their own rituals. Clinton and Bush issued boilerplate congratulations, but otherwise remained uninvolved.

Hussein, a Christian, is so delusional that he believes his acolytes of Jewish descent who say that his demands on Israel are actually good for Jews.

It is odd for Jews to celebrate Pesach in the Exile instead of moving to the Promised Land, but it takes a special Jewish madness to sit at Pesach with a man who pushes us to abandon Jerusalem.

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There is one of the greatest thing that ever happened to the Love & support of Israel and the Greatest President since Lincolns Slavery Liberation is President Barak Hussein Obama… he’s got the best of Intentions for Israel …this Great Importance of Jerusalem shall be the Center of all political stage of the World ….there is nothing gone happened to the world if the Jerusalem is the capital of the ISRAEL…man will play hard ball with each other
Some gone sell and some gone by that’s life they know everything there is only one thing the world can afford to lose that is Israel and the Great people who more miraculously than Phenics Legend Have Grace the Human Race with their Sucrifice & Love For God and it is time for the world to stand up to joining the Gods chosen people that all are part of Spiritual Heritage and Glorify Jerusalem as the Home of God and his People on Earth a yes that is the only place we human race call Heaven on Earth Holy Land of Israel

viviana newyork 30 March 2010

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