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A rabbi was desperate

Milton Balkany, an elderly rabbi from Brooklyn, was convicted of fraud and extortion. He tried to trick the Jewish owner of SAC Capital Advisors hedge fund into donating $4 million to two religious schools.

Instead of feeling compassion for the rabbi, who was forced by circumstances to resort to such drastic measures to save his yeshiva, the scoundrel hedge fund manager denounced him to the authorities.

Milton Balkany

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The venerable Rabbi forgot in his haste that in Judaism the end does not sanctify the means.

yidlmitnfidl MedicineHatAB 12 November 2010

Why, then, did Hebrews kill Canaanite babies?

admin 12 November 2010

Ahem: Aryeh Deri. Theft is theft. Smichah does NOT entitle one to defraud, even for “good”, “unselfish” reasons.

azamin ippish galutnya 12 November 2010

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