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A million dollars for absent brain

Limor Goldstein received 3.25 million shekels from the state for suffering brain-damage from a rubber bullet.

His story cannot be true. Obviously, he was brain-damaged before the shooting incident, for only a brain-damaged Jew would demonstrate with our Arab enemies against the security barrier near Bilin.

The soldier who shot Limor won’t be promoted for cleansing our country.

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Suppose, only prejudiced people can say this Jew is with “absent brain”. Surely, there has been medical examination. ANd it was the court who decided to provide him with this compensation. That’s why I don’t see any reasons for calling him Absent brain until the author himself experiences the results of such an injury.

Kimberly Hamburg 19 February 2010

Perhaps the moral standards of this man are rather low but saying in public that he’s an absent brain guy may be treated as another premise to demand compensation.

Daughter of my dad Denver 19 February 2010

It’s strange!. For instance, arresting for cursing the Jews is something widely discussed while a person who suffered a serious trauma was killed instead of getting a compensation only because he was seen with some Arab.

KittyCat SilverSpring 23 February 2010

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