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A Jewess' father welcomes Gaddafi

Donald Trump made his property in Bedford, NY available for Gaddafi’s tent. Gaddafi had previously decided against staying at his Libyan villa in the area amid the protests of town residents.

Trump’s daughter has recently converted to Judaism.

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I guess the kosher Trump wispered in daddies ear.
Is she an Orthodx Jew?

RevBadel MElvis 24 September 2009

Modern Orthodox

admin 24 September 2009

Colonol Gadaffi’s mother was Jewish. In her youth she converted to Islam. Does that make Gaddafi Jewish?

Yiggy 30 January 2011

It’s an urban legend about Gaddafi’s mother. But more to the point, Ahmadinejad seems indeed a renegade Jew.

admin 30 January 2011

Why are comments censored before they are printed?

Please get your facts straight. it’s not an urban legend. Qaddafi’s mother was a Jewess.
Ahmedinjad is a Moslem, not a Jew, even if he has Jewish descent, he converted to Islam. Qadaffi too is a Moslem, but according to Jewish law, he is Jewish isn’t he? even if his mother converted to Islam.

Yiggy 30 January 2011

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