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Palestinian passports: a done deal

Abu Mazen has symbolically renounced his Jordanian citizenship. From now on, he will travel on his Palestinian passport.

Israelis may pretend that the PA is not a state, but it issues passports recognized by over 100 countries.

Olmert and Abbas plans were unbridgeable

Olmert and AbbasDuring a press conference with the Israeli ultra-left, Abbas revealed the exact extent of his disagreements with Olmert’s plan. Israel’s PM wanted to retain 6.5 percent of the West Bank while Abbas agreed to 1.9 percent. The five consensus settlement blocs constitute 3.9 percent, so Abbas demanded unrealistically that they be dismantled.

In his usual hypocritical manner, Abu Mazen proclaimed that ‘peace is more important than settlements.’ Well, if so, let the settlements stay in order to achieve peace.

Among the attendees was Israeli Arab MK Majadle, who in the previous government was nominally responsible for secret military projects under the auspices of the Ministry of Science.

Brazil recognized Palestinian what?

Responding to Abu Mazen’s plea, Brazilian president recognized the Palestinian state in the 1967 borders. Hopefully the fellow understands samba better than geography.

In 1967, there was no Palestinian state. The West Bank and Jerusalem were occupied by Jordan, which refused to entertain even the notion of Palestinian identity, let alone a state. So there is no such thing as “Palestinian borders of 1967.” In effect, Brazil recognized Palestine in the entire territory of Jordan and the Israeli government district of Jerusalem.

Mahmud Abbas and Luiz da Silva

Israel in provisional boundaries

Unable to sell their citizens the concessions necessary for a peace treaty with the Palestinians, Israeli leaders are trying to push Abu Mazen into accepting an interim agreement. According to the terms of this agreement, a Palestinian state will be established in temporary borders, with Jerusalem and the settlements not to be discussed for some time. The Palestinians rightly refuse to accept this plan: once their state is created, international pressure on Israel will wane, and they will never get Jerusalem (unless they take it over demographically).

In the meantime, Israel is falling into the same trap. Jews tread the very path of incremental concessions which Palestinians refuse. Under the 1972 Egyptian peace offer, we could have had a peace treaty with all Muslim states by abandoning the West Bank. Today, we would only have an agreement with the Palestinians. One by one, Israel surrenders her bargaining chips: we evacuated Gaza, withdrew from most of Judea and Samaria, and have unofficially agreed to abandon the Temple Mount. Israeli bargaining power diminishes while international pressure on us increases to stop squabbling over minute details.

It is not Palestine, but Israel that is being pushed into provisional borders by the settlement construction freeze. Just as the Palestinians would have sat in their provisional borders dreaming of Jerusalem, Israel holds the settlements dreaming of their expansion. Palestine’s actual borders are now firm and won’t become less so, while Israel’s borders shrink with every new initiative.

We play on ourselves exactly the trick we intended to play on the Palestinians.

Fatah prepares for Western attack on Iran

The PA leaders have stepped up their anti-Iranian rhetoric, accusing the ayatollahs of all manner of crimes, from the decades-old occupation of the Tunbs Islands to support of the elected Gaza government. Abbas even accused Ahmadinejad of rigging the elections. Abbas’ own elections, of course, were heavily rigged.

The spat cannot be explained merely by Iran’s criticism of Abu Mazen’s peace overtures: Syria similarly criticizes Abbas, but he does not carp at Assad.

Netanayhu-Abbas relations: worse than expected

Cordial relations between Netanyahu and Abbas predictably soured as the two sides interpreted their promises to Obama differently.

Their conflict boiled in Sharm el Sheikh until Clinton called off the press conference to avoid a public spat between Bibi and Abu Mazen.

Second Israeli Arab MK indicted for treason

After Azmi Bishara was indicted for visiting the enemy state of Syria and associating with Nasrallah there, Saif Nafa of the Balad party was stripped of his parliamentary immunity for the same offense.

This behavior is normal for Arab MKs. Ahmed Tibi met with Arafat several times. After the Oslo negotiations started, he continued to meet with Arafat and Abu Mazen on behalf of Peres.

When the Israeli government openly negotiates with Syria over surrendering the Golan Heights—a high crime under Israeli law—it is somewhat hypocritical to prosecute Arab MKs for a lesser offense.

Abbas meets international criminal

The moderate Palestinian chairman met with Sudanese president Omar Bashir, who has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for the Darfur genocide.

Never mind that; the leftist supporters of Darfur remain equally supportive of Abbas.

Abu Mazen requested Sudanese assistance in reconciling with Hamas. This confirms Sudan’s pivotal role in transiting weapons from Iran to Gaza.

Obama lies, as usual

Obama liarSpeaking after his meeting with Abu Mazen, the Hussein announced that Israel must stop all settlement construction because it is the Jews’ obligation under the Road Map.

What a lie! The Road Map says not a word about construction inside the existing settlements. Ceasing the settlement expansion is clearly conditioned on the Palestinians’ curbing their national sport, terrorism.

To his fellow Muslim Abu Mazen, Obama did not use the word must, but vaguely asked him to improve security.

Having failed vis-a-vis Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, North Korea, and Pakistan, Obama picks a fight with Israel.

The Hussein has exceeded our worst pre-election expectations of him.

Abdullah hysterical over Palestinian prospects

In an interview with The Times, Jordanian princeling Abdullah framed the Israeli-Palestinian problem as the root of all evil. As usual, Abdullah warned of a major conflict if Israel fails to accommodate the Palestinians.

In fact, Jordan is the only country concerned about Israeli-Palestinian peace. The war continues to radicalize Jordan’s Palestinian majority, which dreams of ousting the petty monarch. Abdullah cannot refuse to support Hamas, which uses his country—which is at peace with Israel—for weapons transit.

An independent Palestinian state offers Abdullah the best chance to annex it into a confederation. He does not want a Palestinian confederation now to avoid responsibility for terrorism.

Abdullah is very close to Obama and was the first Arab leader to visit him after the election. Obama’s first foreign phone call upon his inauguration was to Abu Mazen.

Abdullah shows the Arabic propensity to use weasel words: if Israel accepts his offer, she will get peace with fifty-seven Muslim countries—but not with Iran, which is worth all of them together. If Israel rejects the offer she will get war. What is not mentioned is that Israel has been at war for sixty-two years and defeated Arabs in all confrontations, so it is the Arabs who must pay to end the war.

Abbas demands expulsion of all Jews from Judea and Samaria

The Saudis have reiterated that their peace initiative may expire. Obama has encouraged the PLO by appointing George Mitchell, an Arab, as his Middle East rep, and symbolically placed his first international calls as the US president to Abu Mazen.

Abbas got the message, and the PLO Executive Council adopted new demands for making peace with Israel: total withdrawal to the 1948 borders, which means uprooting 600,000 Jews in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem.

Samaria, and Jerusalem. The audacity of the Arabs is staggering: just days after the IDF devastated the terrorists in Gaza, their fellow terrorists in the West Bank beefed up their demands on Israel. And Jews humbly listen to them and support the PLO with money and military aid, even though that terrorist group rejects peace on any sensible terms.

On a positive note, no Israeli government can evict so many Jews. As the Palestinians have made their demands unworkable, this suicidal peace initiative is doomed.

First things first: Obama calls Abu Mazen

In his first full day as US president, Barack Hussein Obama made his first international call: to the arch-terrorist and Holocaust-denier Abbas.

Israel gets a ceasefire – but not with Hamas

Condi Rice, Abu Mazen, and Arafat Hamas rejected Israeli demands for a ceasefire in Gaza. Naturally, Hamas found unacceptable IDF’s continued presence in Gaza, international troops in Rafah, and an end to arms smuggling. Hamas has time on its side: Barack Hussein Obama will reign soon, foreign governments push Israel to end its defense operation, and IDF loses the initiative.

Olmert opted for the next-best approach: to conclude ceasefire negotiations with America and Egypt, surround Gaza with a buffer zone to prevent arms smuggling, and recognize Israel’s right to a relatively free hand in Gaza.

The problem is, Egypt did not stop the arms smuggling for years and won’t stop it now.

Fatah backs away from fighting Hamas

For all the US training of its forces and all the international support for the PLO regime, Abbas shrinks from confronting Hamas. Abu Mazen announced that Fatah thugs won’t take over the Rafah Crossing until reconciled with Hamas. The expired Palestinian president understands that Hamas in Gaza would quickly drive Fatah forces out of Rafah.

IAF kills Abbas’ nemesis

Nizar Rayyan, Hamas’ major tactician and spiritual leader, was killed in an Israeli aerial assault along with much of his family. His loss is not a great blow to Hamas, as it really takes no genius to conduct a guerrilla war in Gaza; Hamas has many other able leaders. When Israel killed Rayyan’s predecessor, Ahmed Yassin, five years ago, Hamas retaliated against Jewish community centers abroad, killing and maiming hundreds.

The one person who especially hated Rayyan is Abu Mazen, as Rayyan led the Hamas takeover of Gaza a year ago.

Retaliation aside, the death of a prominent enemy is a welcome thing. However, there is a big but. Israeli media wrongly denigrate Rayyan. We can only wish Israel had many leaders like him. Rayyan was a serious Islamic scholar, popular with his students, and a respected legal authority; his home library included more than 5,000 volumes. At the same time, Rayyan was a daring military leader who both organized and personally led the revolt against corrupt Fatah thugs in Gaza. He was honest and courageous: Rayyan had personally sent his son as a suicide bomber. When hit by Israeli bombs, he was not in hiding but staying at his house.

Nizar Rayyan compares very well to the thugs who rule Israel.

Fatah moderates join Hamas against Israel

Abbas, HaniyeZiad Abu Ein, a top government official for Fatah, called upon Hamas to return weapons to 70,000 Fatah members in Gaza so that they can fight IDF. Marwan Barghouti, a jailed arch-terrorist being considered by Israel to succeed Abbas, condemned him for colluding with Israel. Barghouti runs a press office from his cell.

The Israeli operation in Gaza prompted a squall of domestic criticism against Abu Mazen for colluding with Zionist enemies to return to Gaza. Scores of Fatah officials and thousands of members—paid with US and Israeli money—voiced support of Hamas against Abbas. Hamas now enjoys across-the-border support from Palestinian factions and gains electoral popularity at Fatah’s expense.

Though an option existed to bring Fatah battalions into Gaza a week ago, by now Fatah militants would have joined their Hamas counterparts against Israel. After Hamas’ victory over the IDF (which rejected a massive invasion), the terrorist group would be so popular that Abbas wouldn’t have refused a unity government. Israeli ineptitude strengthens Hamas to the point that it is slated to take over the Palestinian government the way Hezbollah did in Lebanon.

Anti-Semitism taken for granted

Israel’s Foreign Ministry is happy about its so-far-successful media performance. International condemnations, the FM sources say, are largely symbolic, and even the UN doesn’t lambaste Israel as much as usual.

But why the symbolic condemnation? If everyone from Saudi Arabia to the United States hates Hamas and recognizes that Israel reasonably defends herself, why any condemnations at all? After Abu Mazen visited Russia a few days before the IDF operation to request Putin’s military assistance against Hamas—and, presumably, his tolerance of an Israeli invasion of Gaza—why did the Russian FM still find it necessary to condemn Israel in a pro forma statement?

Foreign governments, anti-Semitic and pandering to anti-Semites, condemn Israel reflexively.

Israel releases Palestinian terrorists in a goodwill gesture

The Prisoner Release Committee predictably confirmed the government’s decision to set 230 Palestinian thugs free as a goodwill gesture to Abu Mazen. The released thugs will also engage in goodwill gestures to Abu Mazen by returning to their trade—attacking Jews. And how come no one thinks of a goodwill gesture toward Jews, something like executing the arrested terrorists?

Riots continue in Hebron

Insulted by the ease with which the police had evicted them from Peace House, settlers and radicals vented their discontent on local Arabs. Unusually, yeshiva students from Kiryat Arba joined the Hilltop Youth to vandalize the property our Palestinian enemies hold illegally on Jewish land in and near Hebron.
A still-unclear number of Arab houses were torched, and young Jews clashed with Arabs. Both sides pelted each other with stones. There were isolated clashes with military police.

The shooting incident has been clarified. It was not a mad Jewish settler shooting live ammunition at defenseless Palestinians, but a Jew with plastic bullets defending his friends against a charging Arab crowd. According to Halacha law, he was fully entitled to shoot the attacking Arabs dead rather than use non-lethal ammunition. Later in the evening, Arabs started shooting in the direction of Jewish houses.

Abu Mazen praised the eviction of Jews from Peace House and called on the Israeli government to evict all Jews from Hebron. The UN’s Mideast coordinator also praised the violence against Jews, using harsh words he doesn’t employ regarding the Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli towns.
Besides the usual culprits (Barak, Peres, Livni, Kadima, Avodah, Meretz), Likud and Lieberman’s Israel Beitenu also criticized the settlers’ violence, and called on them to abstain from opposing troops. Shas has consistently opposed the eviction, and the only MK who joined the defenders came from Shas.
Barak gave the order for the attack even before negotiating with the Council of Settlements. The meeting was a smokescreen for the police preparations.
Hebron riots by right-wingers are excellent propaganda for leftist parties, as they presumably draw moderate voters away from the ostensibly right-wing Likud.

IDF established hundreds of roadblocks around settlements and junctions in Judea and Samaria to prevent other settlers from rioting or coming to aid the Hebronites.

The air is cleaner as Beilin quits

Yossi Beilin, a communist scumbag of colossal proportions, has quit his political career. After decades of communist rhetoric, that fraud from Meretz has decided to enter business. The official story is rather unlikely, as he probably took a behind-the-scenes job for Peres.

Alongside Peres, Beilin is arguably the worst person in Israeli politics; he has inflicted mammoth damage on the Jewish state. Beilin orchestrated the Oslo negotiations, despite the government’s ban on negotiating with the PLO. While Rabin campaigned on tough sanctions against Palestinians, Beilin conducted negotiations in Cairo with Abu Mazen and promised Arafat the Oslo Accords in return for getting the Israeli Arabs to vote for Rabin.
Alongside Peres, Beilin channels EU subsidies to the Israeli ultra-left.