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Knesset approves unrealistic law on Iran

Any foreign company doing business with Iran, even indirectly, won’t be able to bid on Israeli government tenders. Yeah? How about telephone switching equipment, oil, gas, and cars?

Curiously, Arab MKs slammed the bill as too militant.

25 July 2012 Posted in Iran

Netanyahu is only good at political intriguing

Having failed to help Mubarak or bomb Iran, or to destroy Hezbollah’s rocket arsenals or Hamas’ tunnels, Netanyahu continues to excel at Knesset affairs. He is now close to splitting his real enemy—which is not Iran, but Kadima—by moving seven Kadima MK’s to the Likud. That would leave Bibi with an unprecedented coalition in the Knesset, which he has no use for.

The seven MKs will receive government portfolios, mostly as deputy ministers, to further beef up Netanyahu’s government, which is already of monstrous size.

One has to understand the great moral transformation—degradation actually—that occurs when MK’s, lowly figures in Israel’s political hierarchy, become government officials. They usually change their phone numbers, hire security personnel, and become different people.

61-year-old Jew convicted of helping people

Levy RosenbaumA New York court sentenced Levy Rosenbaum to a two-and-a-half-year jail term for brokering paid kidney transplants. This is the first such sentence handed down in the United States, and among all the black market brokers they found a Jew to prosecute.

In fact, Rosenbaum saved the lives of people who wouldn’t have been able to receive kidneys any other way, and he paid fair market prices to donors in purely consensual transactions.

The conviction coincided with a Knesset hearing on the shortage of donors for kidney transplants—a shortage for which Rosenbaum offered a viable solution.

Forced retirement, a consequence of forced salary

The Knesset will vote on a bill to raise the mandatory retirement age for doctors from 67 to 70 years. In any free-market country, the very idea of forced retirement would be inconceivable, a clear case of discrimination based on age.

In Israel, however, forced retirement of doctors is the only way to protect hospitals against the exponentially rising costs of employing them at a time when their seniority benefits and leave expenses have increased to unmanageable levels.

Instead of allowing the hospitals to negotiate terms with doctors individually, the government bans their employment past the age of 67 altogether.

24 June 2012 Posted in labor

Equal burden is for haredim. Arabs need not be concerned.

HaredimThe Attorney General’s office informed the Knesset that the Tal Law, which is designed to equalize the burden of conscription, should affect only haredim because the law does not require Arabs to serve in the army, and therefore they cannot serve equally.

The Knesset commission reacted by promising obligatory national service for Arabs. This compulsory service is not very likely to become reality, as it would prompt riots, and it is counterproductive in any case. Jews do not want  Arabs to perform the welfare work for our people that is typical of the national service, and so the Arabs will work in their own communities, and their work will be paid by Jewish taxpayers. Such an arrangement makes little sense for Jews.

Katz’s rabbi more important than Jews

Ultra-right MK Katz has withdrawn his draft bill, which would have legalized all outposts built with government financing, providing compensation to Palestinian landowners. This bill was common sense: to all practical purposes, government financing means government authorization. The bill had a good chance of passing the Knesset, and in any case would have exposed the pseudo-right Likud MKs who voted against it.

Under some political pressure and citing a request from his rabbi (who apparently is ready to sacrifice Zionist religious values) Katz abandoned his drive.

23 May 2012 Posted in right

Politically correct Knesset offers tax breaks to Arabs for settling Israel

The Knesset passed a largely symbolic bill providing tax breaks for people who donate to charities that support the settlements. The settlements can be located anywhere in Israel, including Judea and Samaria.

But the bill automatically provides tax breaks to Arab NGOs that finance the expansion of Arab villages—mostly illegally—and the settling of Jerusalem.

Refugees come from an enemy country

During yesterday’s Knesset hearing on African illegals, the government conceded two facts.

First, we do not even try to ascertain the refugee status of Eritreans. In every other country, the burden of proof is on the refugee, but crazy Jews have transferred that burden to our own government, presuming Eritrean asylum claimants to be trustworthy. The government, of course, has no resources to check their claims, and so they stay here and raise the crime rate.

Two, we do not check the refugee status of Sudanese immigrants because they come from an enemy country, and we cannot verify their claims. It must be a special mental disease which allows Jews to welcome people officially designated as our enemies, and it is no wonder they turn into criminals here.

The only solution, we contend, is deporting all the Africans to UNRWA camps in Gaza. The UN has an existing infrastructure for refugees there, so that is where they belong.

Knesset remains ambivalent on homosexuals

The Knesset rejected a Meretz bill which would have provided a marriage option for homosexuals and renegade Jews willing to marry members of other faiths.

Though the vote reflected party politics in which Meretz bills are rejected in knee-jerk fashion, it is noteworthy that the Knesset formally rejected equality for homosexuals—although they remain oddly equal in other respects, including the right to demonstrate and to adopt.

IDF decries vengeance for murdered Jews

Gone are the days when the Mossad hunted down the Munich terrorists just for the sake of vengeance. The IDF has sent a formal letter to the government arguing against demolishing the homes of the Fogel family murderers. Meretz MK Gal-On protested the upcoming demolitions, claiming they serve the settlers’ interests. Yeah, avenging Jewish deaths serves settlers’ interests.

Certainly, revenge cannot be obtained merely by demolishing houses. The Torah sets clear guidelines for the execution of murderers. But at least such demolitions would be a statement that we are willing to go beyond the law to punish the perpetrators. Unfortunately, the government is overly concerned with the law, and wants Knesset approval for the demolitions. Only the legalistic Jewish mind would be so concerned with the law, instead of just bombing those houses immediately after the murders, no questions asked.

Netanyahu pretends he cannot pass the haredi enlistment

The PM has promised to hold new elections if he cannot push a Tal Law alternative through the Knesset. Wait, Lieberman has said the same thing. Between them and the leftist members of the coalition, who would surely support anti-haredi legislation, Netanyahu has at least 70 votes in the Knesset. So there is no problem at all passing the new legislation.

The problem is that Netanyahu is not sure that his own faction would vote against the haredim. Thus the threat of new elections targets his own MKs.

Netanyahu’s choice now is to press the anti-haredim law and lose the haredi parties in his government—leaving it open to blackmail by Barak’s leftists—or call new elections, which would still leave the haredi parties holding the trump card to form the coalition. Effectively, there is no choice at all, but only postponement: Netanyahu has to reach compromise either with the haredi or the leftists.

Most likely, the PM will settle for a watered-down version of the Tal Law.

In Knesset, democracy wages war on court activism

Yaakov NeemanJustice Minister Neeman introduced a Basic Law bill which would allow the Knesset to pass a law by a slight majority of 65, votes even if the High Court had previously overturned it.

Neeman’s measure would seem strange in any civilized state: if the Court rules a law unconstitutional, it is unconstitutional regardless of the number of people or MKs who support it. But the story is different in Israel, where as everyone knows, the Supreme Court annuls laws based on its vague definitions of human dignity and the like, rather than the actual wording of basic laws, which are the Israeli equivalent of a constitution.

Leftist MKs, who depend on the court to prevent conservative legislation from coming into being, oppose the new bill.

Jewish craze is to heal our enemies

During the Land Day riots, the Arabs threw rocks and firebombs at Israeli border units. Some clashes naturally occurred, with the IDF limiting itself to non-lethal weapons. That was routine.

Now the interesting part. Jews took protesters who had been injured near border crossings and checkpoints into Israeli hospitals, even though the rioters were technically in the Palestinian zone. As Rabbi Kahane used to say, Jewish guilt is like cancer; now we feel guilty for stopping the rioters.

Jewish and Arab terrorists are so different

The Knesset scorned Arab MK Tibi for praising shahids during an Arab rally.

Tibi, of course, could not care less about the opinions of his enemies, whom he has repeatedly called on his compatriots to murder. But the Knesset hearing raises an interesting question: Tibi was condemned specifically for supporting terrorism, which is a crime in Israel. Many Jews were arrested for supporting Kach, allegedly a terrorist organization. But here we have an Arab MK who openly enjoins fellow Arabs to become suicide bombers… and he won’t be indicted.

Ahmad Tibi

Tibi is not bad per se

Ahmad TibiIsraeli Arab MKs Tibi and as-Sana attended an anti-Israeli conference in Qatar. Both decried the Israeli ‘occupation’ of our capital and repeated lies about religious persecution of Muslims and Christians.

Two Arab clowns in the Knesset aren’t a problem. The problem is that they represent their Arab constituencies, which means that a fifth of Israel’s population holds similar Judophobic views.

Mount of Olives – no security improvement in three years

Almost three years ago, we wrote about the government’s plans to ward off Arab vandals from the oldest Jewish cemetery at the Mount of Olives. Israeli police, so eager to investigate trivial incidents such as the alleged ‘price tag’ graffiti on Arab objects, completely ignore massive vandalism at the 3,000-year-old Jewish cemetery.

Now the situation has been discussed in the Knesset, also to no effect.

Jewish cemetery at the Mount of Olives

Gender separation: politically incorrect honesty from Israeli teachers

The Knesset Science Committee Chairman presented statistical data supporting the view that gender separation in science classes significantly improves the performance of girls by removing intimidating competition from boys.

Ex-Mossad chief being groomed to sign peace treaty with Palestinians

Meir Dagan has launched a political movement, “There is a chance,” which calls for structural changes in the electoral system. Dagan wants to raise the election barrier from 2 to 3%, thus effectively barring settler parties from the Knesset. He would also like the head of the largest party to automatically become the prime minister—which makes coalitions unnecessary and leaves religious parties powerless.

Since settlers and religious parties support all socialist and militaristic decisions of the government, the only conceivable reason for such restructuring is to sign a peace treaty with the Palestinians, which means making problematic concessions such as destroying the settlements and abandoning the Temple Mount.

And it seems that foreign forces are grooming Dagan to become just such a leader.

Meir Dagan

Must society protect banks?

An Israeli bankThe Knesset hearing on the current wave of bank robberies revealed two things: there is no “wave”; the number of robberies is below the historical norm, and only 10% of bank robbers are eventually indicted.

The second issue is important as it demonstrates the inability of police to deal with professional crimes with white gloves. Forbidden from planting evidence or applying pressure to suspects, and facing the highest standards of doubt in the courts, the police cannot prove their accusations in cases where robbers have worn masks and gloves. Alternatively, the police can charge them with other offenses, which usually carry lesser sentences.

The low number of indictments also reflects a cozy relationship between police and criminal gangs, one in which control is deemed more important than crackdown.

There is another dimension to the problem. Bank protection is very expensive compared to other police activities. Why should society expend disproportionate resources on protecting banks, which are perfectly capable of arranging their own security?

90% of HU Jewish students have suffered sexual harassment by Arabs

Hebrew UniversityThe not-unexpected poll results were published at the Knesset hearing. Almost all Jewish women from the Hebrew University reported having been verbally or physically assaulted by Arabs near the campus.

Israeli police and media, so concerned about trivial acts of sexual harassment by rabbis and officials, ignore this problem.