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87-year-old rabbi released from American jail

Saul Kassin, the spiritual leader of Syriac Jews in America, was released on bail following his arrest in the “five rabbis” scandal. When a drug gang is busted, no one speaks of “twenty blacks” arrested, but salivating over arrested rabbis is politically correct.

Rabbi Kassin took cash from shady sources and issued checks instead. He charged a small fee for his services, which went entirely toward charitable projects. Rabbi Kassin did not “launder” money, because that term applies only to the proceeds from the arms trade, drugs, and prostitution. The rabbi received cash from not-strictly-legal but still rather innocuous sources, such as knock-offs sales.

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Hashem punishes Mida Knegged Mida. Following the Rabin assassination, Rabbi Saul Kassin’s congregation suspended Rabbi Abraham Hecht, another rabbi of its congregation following Rabbi Hecht being banned from coming to Israel, and Rabbi Kassin did not prevent Rabbi Hecht’s suspension from his Shul. Maybe someone can remind Rabbi Kassin to ask Mechila from Rabbi Hecht while they are both still living.

Shimon 29 July 2009

It seems that Israelis in American jail is something out of this world. If a person commits a crime and Kassin committed a crime, where on earth should he be? In jail, of course! So there is really fuss about nothing speaking about these Israelis in American jail.

Bunny MexicoCity 23 February 2010

Americans are the gangsters themselves. Ans still they’re bold enough to say that Israeli aid to Haiti is not enough. Instead, they’re so rich. Why wouldn’t they help more themselves?

Akeno Newell 10 April 2010

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