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5% Jewish population growth in Judea and Samaria

The Peace Now traitors welcomed Hussein Obama’s envoy George J. Mitchell with a report on Jewish villages in Judea and Samaria. This action places Peace Now in the category of malshin, Jewish informers who endanger the entire community by publicizing the alleged sins of Jews. According to rabbinical law, malshin must be executed, no Sanhedrin required—and indeed they were executed on rabbinical orders on numerous occasions.

Peace Now has documented the population growth in Judea and Samaria to 285,000 Jews—whom the peace-lovers seek to evict.

In what should be mild praise for Olmert’s government, Peace Now reports 69% construction growth over 2007, though it comes to mere 748 permanent homes and 509 caravans, despite a population increase of 15,000.

Despite numerous restrictions and demolitions, Jewish pioneers set 261 caravans in “illegal outposts,” often on strategically important hilltops.

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It seems to me that the Israeli government should reward the efforts of this organisation to promote the idea of piece. Although the population Judea and Samaria is endangered, perhaps it is possible to find a compromise. On the contrary, it looks as if the authorities are interested not in the population Judea and Samaria but are doing their best to continue this exhausting struggle.

Chris CapeTown 23 February 2010

The cruelty of the authorities and their conservative on the one hand and prejudiced on the other, views make an extremely negative impression. This absurd situation reminds in its weirdness the one where an Arab throwing stones is regarded as the worst criminal there has ever existed.

Erica Sydney 23 February 2010

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