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Netanyahu told the Daily Telegraph that Israel’s reluctance to abandon the settlements has to do with Sudetenland affair, when the world powers told Czechoslovakia that it had to abandon a part of itself to Germany in order to preserve peace.

That analogy is unsustainable because Israel is more powerful than the PA, while Czechoslovakia was somewhat weaker than Germany.

The Israeli PM cannot bring himself to state the only reason why we cannot abandon the settlements: because the Maker of the Universe gave this land to us.

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Actually the analogy with the Sudetenland is very accurate.
Israel is not facing PA, but the entire Arab/Muslim world supported by dhimmified Europe and much of the third world countries. Even India, who shares the same threat, is in the pocket of the oilrabs.
Just like with the Nazis, Muslims are intent on eradicated the Jews (initially just out of the ME)
Additionally Judea and Samaria are more essential to the Jewish identity and history (with or without god) than Sudetenland to the Czechs.

viiit 28 February 2011

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