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10% of Israeli workers are illegal

The Finance Minister revealed there are 400,000 foreign workers in Israel, and that three quarters of them, about a tenth of the Israeli workforce, are illegals.

The total number of illegals is estimated around 800,00010 percent of the population.

Though the illegals often take undesirable jobs, they take a lot of jobs away from the Jewish population too, especially in construction and low-end services. Israel subsidizes her jobless instead of evicting the illegals.

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I have to say this is how the fall of America started. The people wanted to kick them all out, but we were told no. We even voted to round them up and deport the illegals. That was overturned in the court system. I do feel for you, I really do. It is a terrible thing to happen to anyone. Just wait until you cannot shut your borders anymore and they “illegals” come in from all sides and thats the end of jobs for everyone. Thank to our new King, I mean President… Things are worse now in America. You’re just at the starting point of what could happen if not taken care of, quickly.

Jerome Phoenix 04 June 2009

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