Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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Steps to be taken in Jewish Diaspora communities

Israel may have been mistaken to resettle flourishing Jewish communities in Arab countries in Israel. The Jews could have been powerful agents of Israeli influence in Arab world. Israel must establish close ties with foreign Jews and encourage them to work for Israel’s benefit. Few Jews likely feel much affinity with Israel in everyday life.

Justice is indispensable for Jewish communal identity. Jews who appeal to external courts, accept alien protection and laws, abrogating the Jewish. Diaspora Jews historically relied on simple and honest rabbinical arbitrage. Israel should sponsor Jewish courts of arbitrage, based on Jewish religious or Israeli civil law, obligatory for Jews under the threat of excommunication. Many Diaspora Jews rarely see a Jewish rabbi in their lifetime, and still fewer visit synagogues or Jewish community centers. The Israeli government should send good lecturers to address Jews in every place, to reinvigorate Jewish sense of identity and bring them together on the basis of reasonable religious duties of Judaism, pride in the Jewish history and Israeli nation, and a sense of election and mission.

The Israeli government should create a worldwide network of Jewish interests, with Jewish people in national governments, major corporations, and run-of-the-mill enterprises. The old Jewish network dissipated after World War II, many Jews became secular and assimilated, and increased wealth fostered independence from the Jewish community for social support.

The Israeli government should court the loyalty of the Diaspora Jews, not by denying media reports of Israeli cruelty but by offering Jews inexpensive travel to Israel, a kind of international Sharon tours.[5] Every Jew should get a birthday card from the Israeli prime minister and a holiday greeting from the chief rabbi of Israel. Bulk mail is better than no contact with Jews at all. Diaspora Jews should be asked by Israeli government to buy major mass-media outlets or buy show rights on the Arab-Israeli war to limit media coverage. That would mitigate international pressures on Israel and free Israeli hand to some extent. Israel might foster Israeli movie industry, a major propaganda device. Though most Americans watch few foreign films, some intellectuals and opinion-makers do, as does the more cosmopolitan European audience.

Israel should come to the defense of any Jews anywhere when the Jews are persecuted illegally, never mind the cost or consequences. Israeli expense would not likely be large, since Jews are usually law-abiding, and would buy increased Jewish loyalty to Israel. On the contrary, Israel did nothing to stop persecution of Jews in Argentina and, before the media outcry, of the Jews in Ethiopia. Said Nosair, the Arab who murdered rabbi Kahane,[6] got away with a short prison term: the Israelis could have reached him in jail. Israeli bureaucratic establishment, Israeli Supreme Court, and the Mossad failed to enforce justice on Ivan the Terrible and Dr. Mengele.[7] That should never happen. Israel tolerates many Islamic terrorists working for the Palestinian Authority. Why leave them alive? Jewish Diaspora communities are easy targets for Islamic terrorists. Increasing security of foreign Jews to Israeli level would pay in attachments and Jewish support for Israel.

Israel should prosecute anti-Semitism elsewhere. Anti-Semitism flourishes because it is allowed to, but Israel has legal remedies which are likely to succeed. After the Muslim terrorist attacks in the West, many agreed to limit freedom of speech, interpreting incitement broadly. Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Israel, not only among Arabs but also among non-Jewish Eastern European immigrants. That should be stopped at once with immediate deportation from Israel, regardless of family ties, for the first offense. Not only are anti-Semites a fifth column that undermines Israeli resolve, but also Jews do not want them around. There is more than sufficient reason for expulsion.

It is not enough for Israel to call the charges of hypocrisy leveled at Jewish organizations anti-Semitism. The Anti-Defamation League and other Jewish organizations are too big and visible to use means reserved for secret services or covert operations. Israel should operate clandestine smear campaigns against anti-Semites to avoid smirching the image of the major Jewish entities. Jews should also oppose people with tarnished reputations in Jewish leadership positions, since the mass media regularly expose their illegal or morally questionable sources of enrichment, about which the A.D.L. can do nothing. That situation is even more painful in Eastern Europe and Latin America where the impoverished population despises the oligarchs who lead local Jewish communities. That led to pogroms in the past and is certainly no help for Jews now. Prominent Jews are at times accused of criminal activity, even of selling arms to the Arabs. Jewish organizations accept money from Jews who are neither religious nor pious, parading them at receptions and other Jewish events. That should change. Moral merits of Jews, not contributions, should take the front seat. Jews should pressure Jewish agencies to meet rigid standards of integrity, and breaking the commandments should exclude people from the Jewish social and political hierarchy. Large Jewish private donations do not equal the financial capacity of the State of Israel, and some are dubious, like when wealthy foreign Jews buy lands in the Palestinian territories at rock bottom prices. Israel should publicize the economic benefits of holding the ex-Palestinian territories to attract Jewish investors from abroad. Diverse ownership of Palestinian territories creates better support for Israeli expansion. Even selling the Palestinian land to Christian charities with restriction on transfer to Arabs is better than to Jewish oligarchs. Israel' encouraging many small donations from Jewish Diaspora communities instead of big ones from a few Jewish plutocrats would also increase participation and knit the worldwide Jewish community together. Even if Israel wants funding and other assistance from Jewish donors whose assets are of questionable origin, they need to make less noise about it.

The same logic applies within Israel. While ordinary Jews undergo humiliating interrogation in Israeli embassies to get tourist visas, important for the Israeli economy, numerous known Jewish criminals find safe haven there and travel the world with Israeli passports. Though Israel is not a center of offshore financial activity, Israel is criticized for protecting a few shady Jewish businessmen and companies. Though Israel does not profit significantly from arms sales and war-related services, Israel is involved in many notoriously dirty endeavors with some of the world’s worst dictators. Gentiles must see Jews as people of high moral quality, especially during the Palestinian conflict. In a typical show of stupidity, Israel deals immorally in publicized cases at little profit instead of disregarding morals only for large profit when publicity is minor.

Israel and the U.S. put Rabbi Meir Kahane’s political organization on the terrorist list with murderous Islamic terrorist Ariel Sharon for Israelis during elections to demonstrate to them how vulnerable Israel is to bombardment from the hills and to induce Israelis to support the Israeli government policy of holding the Palestinian territories.

[6] Israel and the U.S. put Rabbi Meir Kahane’s political organization on the terrorist list with murderous Muslim terrorist groups. Odd terrorist he was, organizing self-defense of Brooklyn Jews against Black pogroms, urging Israelis to evict Arabs to disarm the demographic time bomb, and calling on the Orthodox rabbis to upheld the Torah where it lacks political correctness. The Jewish Defense League’s terrorism was restricted to demonstrations, spray-painting of Neo-Nazis' houses, and commotions with anti-Semites.

[7] The Israeli Supreme Court acquitted one of the most notorious Nazi death camp operators. The Mossad refused to kidnap Mengele for prosecution in Israel, or kill him on spot. The shame is not only the Israeli establishment’s: no Jew came up to deal with Ivan the Terrible after Israeli court acquitted him.