Retaliate against Muslim civilians for Palestinian terrorist attacks

Tit-for-tat is a proper response to any harm, Muslim terrorism included. A bus with Arabs blown in Ramallah is an answer to the bus with Israelis blown in Tel Aviv by Palestinian terrorists. Swift retaliation will make the cause-and-effect relation between Palestinian terrorism and Israeli anti-terrorism evident and prevent escalation. Israel should announce towns targeted for terror reprisal beforehand, so that Arabs in fear would press the Muslim terrorists to abstain. Living the countdown will cause anxiety, unattainable if Arabs everywhere see themselves as improbable targets of Israeli war on terror. Media will aggravate fear with reportages from doomed Arab towns. Israel should target Palestinian cities with offices of Muslim terrorist organizations and where demonstrations in support of Muslim terrorists took place recently. This will make the Palestinian inhabitants cautious of tolerating Muslim terrorists.

The Israeli Arabs are reasonably loyal, though hardly fervent citizens. The Palestinians have not become a fifth column of Muslim terrorists in any war Israel has fought because they value the high quality of life they have in Israel compared to Arabs in other Middle East countries. In the territories occupied by the Palestinian Authority, administrators cannot crack down on the Muslim terrorists for fear of endangering their financial and political support from Arab countries. The only way to stop Arab terrorism is to turn Palestinians against the Islamic radicals. Israeli and American financial aid will not accomplish that end and is largely stolen or diverted by Palestinian administration anyway. Only fear of Israel will make Palestinians root out Islamic terrorists. The ways for Israel to instill fear in Arabs are many, from summary executions to large-firepower strikes to razing neighborhoods of Palestinian suicide bombers to pervasive police work and spying against Muslim terrorist organizations. Israel can hit the Arabs often enough and hard enough to make them clean up their act and deal with Palestinian terrorists. The statehood the Palestinians aspire to imposes obligations, particularly to combat Muslim terrorists who attack Israel. A householder who rented to someone who stocked TNT to blow up the neighbors would be sued. Similarly, as would-be citizens, the Palestinians must deal with the Muslim terrorists among them, unless they think Arab terrorism an acceptable means to fight Israel, in which case they are the terrorists' home front.

When Colombia could not whip the drug dealers, it enlisted American help and things improved—though scores of civilians died in the process. Muslim terrorists are more dangerous than drugs. If no country should tolerate drug traffickers, far less should any harbor Muslim terrorists. Countries must deal with their criminals, not let themselves be used as a base for Arab terrorism. The Palestinian Authority should deal with the Muslim terrorists by all possible means instead of refusing Israeli military help. If the Palestinian Authority cannot or does not want to do away with the Muslim terrorists, then it cannot be a state, and Israel is justified in taking it over it, just as the United States annexed bits of Mexico to stop the criminal anarchy on its border. When people give up their individuality to form a state, they can no longer expect to be treated as individuals with varying opinions. When a country goes to war, it conscripts citizens regardless of the way they vote. Many Americans protested the Vietnam War, making retaliation against the mainland unjustified and counterproductive. Not a single demonstration in Palestine has protested the Authority’s tolerance and support of Muslim terrorists; no protests in other Islamic countries against Islamic terrorist attacks; no conscientious objectors to Arab-Israeli wars among Muslims; no one refusing to pay taxes to finance the war with Israel. Though a duty to fight evil may be disputed, not supporting it is obligatory. The Arabs consort with and encourage Muslim terrorists and the families of Palestinian suicide bombers instead of turning them in. Justice is statistical: collateral damage is inevitable in fighting criminals, from sentencing innocent people to killing hostages during rescue operations. The more heinous the crime, the higher the tolerance of collateral damage. Fighting the Palestinian terrorism, the most damaging crime, allows for the highest collateral damage.

Muslims suffer, not because Israel wants to kill innocent civilians but because Palestinian terrorists hide behind them. Muslim population is a live shield held hostage by Islamic terrorists. If the Muslims turned on the Islamic terrorists, the terrorists could not hide, and there would be no need for Israeli reprisals.

Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular are responsible for the Islamic terrorist attacks against Israel. A Muslim individual’s contribution to the Arab-Israeli conflict and war effort might be slight, but his chances of getting hurt in an Israeli anti-terror attack are minor as well: reciprocal accountability is statistically equitable. Singling out Muslim terrorists or civilians directly responsible for Israeli deaths is impractical.

Instead of resisting the Arab-Israeli war or changing the Islamic governments or even asking the United States to help round up anti-Israeli terrorist organizations, Muslim civilians provide safe haven and financial and moral support for Palestinian terrorists and conscripts for Arab armies whose primary target is Israel. Muslims encourage Palestinian terrorists to murder Israeli civilians. Whether the Palestinian means or ends are just is irrelevant. They are unacceptable to Israel.

There is no reason Israel should not attack the Palestinian civilian supporters of Arab terrorists. Humane behavior is good with one’s neighbors. Humane concern for Israelis means retaliation for Israeli enemies, by far the most effective way to eradicate Arab popular support for Palestinian terrorists. Although physical destruction or mutilation of Palestinian terrorist supporters are valid military tactics for Israel, milder reactions — like destroying Arab villages and exiling the Palestinians — may avoid stirring up the Israeli moral conscience.

If societies allow the equivalent of ten percent collateral damage judging common criminals, we should tolerate more when punishing terrorists, since each unpunished Palestinian terrorist will inflict much more damage than any unpunished common criminal. Quite often, more Muslim civilians than Palestinian terrorists die, and it is better to kill one or five civilians for every Arab terrorist than to leave them free to kill countless civilians. The higher the death toll they are likely to incur, the higher the collateral damage justified. Dozens of relatively innocent Muslims might have to die for Israel to take out the leaders of Islamic terrorist organizations responsible for hundreds Israeli civilians dead in Muslim terrorist acts.

Palestinian terrorists target Israeli civilians not as collateral damage but as a primary targets, war objectives to advance a political goal of settling with Israel. Palestinian terrorists do not shrink from killing even friendly civilians, as in the U.S. embassy bombings which inflicted far heavier losses on bystanders than on the targeted personnel. Common Muslims support Palestinian terrorists by a large margin. Germans who supported the Nazi Wehrmacht could not dissociate themselves from its actions, nor can Muslims object to Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians while they favor Islamic terrorist attacks on Israelis.