Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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Riot control on Israeli-governed Palestinian territories

Israel must avoid urban combat with terrorists

Terrorism’s future is bright

Compared to the sophistication of contemporary Israeli military and political networks, Palestinian terrorism is simple. The 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center was carried out by idiots, snagged when they tried to collect the deposit on a rental van they had just blown up. The miscues in the 2001 attacks did not spell failure only because American security was lax. Islamic terrorists are often uneducated and pathologically aggressive people, and plenty more are being brainwashed daily by the mullahs and Arab nationalists.

Terrorism will become more pervasive, ranging from commercial extortion to minor powers taking on militarily superior ones. That will bring many more players into the war. Little countries or sociopath freelancers Israel traditionally counts out, will use terrorism to extort a place at the table. Palestinian suicide bombers are either ideological freaks or stupid and don’t mean much by standards of Arab-Israeli wars. Eventually, however, the world’s geeks may consider asymmetrical warfare, disaffected biologists stockpiling viruses in university laboratories. The legendary evil geniuses will appear and elevate Islamic terrorism to a point where the damage it causes Israel approaches that of open war. With Israeli government ready to counterattack and to accept Israeli civilian casualties, terrorists will concentrate on private targets, that is, extortion, not only gangsters and Robin Hoods but also revolutionary zealots with few scruples for funding their shining path. Wealthy expatriate Arabs will be targeted to fund needy jihadists; then Western corporations and the oil-rich Arab states are due a systematic milking by Islamic terrorists. Huge transnational corporations see no percentage in opposing Islamic terrorist demands and have shown themselves prone to play the ransom card, appeasing labor movements, bribing foreign officials, and cutting Israel loose to placate Arab clients. Given the chicanery in accounting practices, the corporations will be important targets of Islamic terrorism. What corporation will risk a large factory when it can ransom it from terror without anybody knowing?

The 9/11 attacks created a vast market for anti-terrorist services in the United States. The next obvious target of Islamic terrorism in the United States is Las Vegas, the epicenter of American decadence in Muslim eyes, though bombing provincial targets is easier and more terrifying, showing that no place is immune from jihad. Islamic terrorists will concentrate on Spain[22] which Muslims consider a part of Dar al-Islam. The burgeoning French Muslim population will clash with nationalists, tempting the Islamic terrorists to join. Countries like India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Russia will need help defending themselves against Islamic terrorists as well. With the American army an inept colossus,[23] Israel could offer outsourcing of anti-terrorist services. Though the press exacerbates and exaggerates the real global security dilemma, there is no shortage of people ready to try terrorism, including Christian radicals in the United States. Israel should sponsor Jewish security-related companies, which may become a big chunk of Israel's economy, soaking up the money now spent on conventional warfare worldwide. Private funding will appear when the Jews realize that the Israeli government cannot protect them and they turn to close-up hired security.

Conventional weapons and large armies are useless against Islamic terrorism. Experience and specialized electronic devices replace them. States that spend money on antiquated forms of warfare will likely never use them. If they do, there may be no victors left anyway. Israel must prepare for the new kind of war, CBN developed in small labs and delivered by suicide bombers—and Israel must learn to counter that threat. Israeli experience in controlling Islamic terror will be useful to other states faced with the necessity of an immediate wholesale change in military doctrine. Besides economic gain, Israel could achieve military dominance in asymmetric warfare, both defensive and offensive. A small country like Israel can be powerful in the age of technological warfare and mobility, when even the remotest corners of the globe are accessible and technological advantages are all-important. The trend of spiraling weapons’ tactical capabilities hit a wall. The law of marginal utility makes advances uneconomical, and few improvements—too complex, unreliable, and expensive—will pass the test on the battlefield. New war will see qualitatively new weapons: inexpensive, mass-produced; not hundred-million dollar planes or million-dollar UAVs, but thousand-dollar disposable “toy” planes targeting enemy machines and installations in masses; not super-equipped soldiers and personnel carriers, but myriads of all-terrain “toy” vehicles moving on enemy positions. People die for high values, killing enemies perhaps the most urgent of them. Exchanging one’s life for a few mass-produced cheap machines means losing life and will seed horror among Muslims. Israel should invent a new army, not the means of financing the old one.

Riot control on Israeli-governed Palestinian territories

Israel needs new techniques to control Palestinian riots. Israeli army' resin bullets are too little for some, since the rioters riot on, and too much for others, like the mass media that focus on a few gruesome injuries. Israel should consider non-contact devices, like infrasound to stimulate unconscious horror, super-loud sound, foul smelling additives in the water used to disperse crowds, skin irritating gases, and “fun gasses” which first cause hyperactivity and then lassitude. A less technical approach is for Israel to cultivate the Arab opposition and set them to break up demonstrations by turning them into street fights.

Many governments deal harshly with demonstrations. American police killed strikers during the labor movement. In the 1990s, Russia twice met Moscow protesters with tanks; the violence in the provinces was barbaric. France quashed riots in Indochina and Algeria; Britain, in Ireland; and Spain, in Basque country. Arab countries do not let Indian guest workers protest, nor does the Shia minority press demands. The situation in Israel is no romance; stop treating Arab demonstrators as if it were.

Israel must avoid urban combat with terrorists

The Nazis show that guerrillas can be beaten, provided you are willing to be inhumane. Or if the Israeli government want to be humane, take care of your own people first and protect them from Islamic terrorists. The same applies to urban warfare, like Israel waged in Beirut. Trying to spare Arabs, the Israeli government got many Israelis killed. In the world of pretentious humanity, it takes courage to kill. Israel’s mass media sponsored disregard of Israel's own troops in favor of Islamic enemy civilians hurts Israel Defense Forces morale like nothing else. War assumes enemy civilian casualties. It is better to kill Muslim enemy civilians than to lose Israeli conscripts. If Israel is not ready to accept that theorem, Israel should not go to war, sue for a peace acceptable to the Arabs. Israel should not involve Israel Defense Forces' infantry in urban warfare but bomb and bombard after giving Muslim civilians a chance to leave.

[22] The lecture from which this abstract is taken was given in October 2001, before the train bombings in Spain.

[23] Few countries entered defensive wars prepared. Military readiness in time of peace is too expensive.