Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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The necessity for Israel of using chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons

Israel could have saved thousands of Jewish lives in the Yom Kippur War by using nuclear weapons. Israel must use the available weapons to the fullest extent possible, after which the victorious Israel may destroy the losing Arab's ability to respond. In the Yom Kippur War, Israel should have used nuclear power and demilitarized Egypt to put its military development under Israeli control in the years to come. Harmful effects of chemical and nuclear weapons, especially micro-charges, would dissipate before reaching Israeli centers. Self restraint has led Israel to face a highly dangerous situation in which a change of regime in Egypt may mean the use of non-conventional weapons against Israel. Regardless of Israel's military prowess, Israel lacks depth of defense against nuclear weapons. In a sense, even Russia and the U.S. lack nuclear depth of defense, since they find even the smallest losses from nuclear weaposn intolerable. In reality, however, all military planners accept a certain percentage of military personnel and civilians killed in nuclear attacks, and contingency plans for major war assume some nuclear warheads will hit their targets. The probability of nuclear devastation is higher in border areas. Since Israel is but one border area, Israel's nuclear depth of defense is nil.

The highly mechanized Israel Defense Forces is better suited for chemical warfare than the Arabs, who rely on unprotected infantry. Chemical weapons are made to kill and make combatants hesitant to use them for fear of retaliation. Israel might develop more effective non-lethal chemical and biological weapons for inflicting long-term disability on Israeli enemies, insufficient to cause Arab escalation against Israel's cities.

The nuclear threat must be credible; Israelís is discredited by her self-restraint in Egyptian-Israeli war of 1973. Dismantling the Israel Defense Forces almost fully, except for air defense and small tank forces, will show the world that Israel will use the nuclear option in any large-scale confrontation.

Israel needs to publish a roster of nuclear triggers. Should someone detonate an A-bomb in Tel Aviv, Israel would strike neither Egypt, Syria, Iran, nor Pakistan, Israeli government immobilized by fear of escalation. Israel should legislate that a nuclear attack against her from whatever source means immediate, simultaneous nuclear destruction by Israel Defense Forces of everything Muslimócapitals, temples, population centersóby the hundred or so nuclear weapons in Israel's possession. Islamic terrorists who plan to use nuclear weapon against Israel must understand that the Jewish state will be commemorated with a really big bang. The Western powers, which has long discounted the nuclear threat, should realize that they will be passive observers and collateral victims of the Israeli-Muslim nuclear WWIII unless they eliminate third-world and particularly Islamic nuclear arsenals completely. Everybody in the yellow submarine shares the fear and responsibility for not using the nuclear weapons. The nuclear problem is not only Israel's.