Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict

Arab wealth corrupts the American establishment more efficiently than Israelis influence it

Wealth buys influence. Thirty years of oil wealth have given Arabs wealth that challenges Jewish riches acquired over the centuries. Technological advances create much of the capital today. The Jews’ traditional role as bankers is considerably diminished, along with a lot of Jewish lobbying leverage. The Saudis alone of all Muslims hold about a trillion dollars in United States assets. They buy more U.S. made weapons than Israel. Israel must be blind not to see she is losing Jewish economic advantage and stupid not to reverse the trend by annexing the oil fields to Israel.

An Arab diaspora is occurring. Arabs have wealth, Western education, connections—and many of them are smart. Arabs make up important voting groups and have considerable political influence. As in Vietnam, an American defeat in Iraq may lead to an influx of Arab refugees. Arabs also occupy important posts in business and will eventually level the ground with Israelis in the competition for influence. Only Islam unites the Arabs, especially its aggressive fundamentalist strain. That is dangerous to Israel.

A Palestinian state would get a lot of United States aid and take Americans’ eyes off Israel, as happened in Egypt, now supported by many bureaucrats administering foreign aid and military assistance programs there.

Israeli lobbyists should not accept defeat but rather resist the trend as much as Israel can. Quite often, temporary arrangements last a long time. Jews must lobby for making the Holocaust a mandatory course in American schools.[4] Besides offering positive reasons for supporting Israel (geopolitical interests, cultural affinity with Israel, loyalty to an ally), Israeli lobbyists must show the consequences of withdrawing American support from Israel. Without American conventional weaponry, Israel would use the nuclear deterrent, which tempts Iran to generate nuclear programs with the likelihood that nuclear weapons will one day land in the hands of anti-American Islamic terrorists. If Israel lost American support, it would likely turn to Russia (as happened in 1948), France (as was the case until the 1960s)—and China. Whatever the choice, a country unfriendly if not hostile to the United States would influence the oil-producing Middle East (a magic word for gasoline addicts) and force concessions from America far in excess of what it now gives to Israel.

[4] Though the courses in American schools are set by independent school boards, Israeli lobbyists conducted public relations campaigns addressing non-government entities. Not only Jews exploit the public opinion: politicians, ecologists, trade unions manipulate it as cynically.