Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict, by Obadiah Shoher, abandons moralizing to view Israeli-Muslim struggle in terms of raw realpolitik.

Yahoo and Google banned Shoher's book site from their advertising programs for "unacceptable content," Amazon deleted the reviews, GoDaddy cancelled hosting, refused to list Shoher's blog as Jewish, and Booksurge terminated the publishing contract. Denounced by leftists and criticized by the ultra-right, Shoher receives threatening letters from both Jews and anti-Semites. More than 170,000 people from 78 countries read the book on Internet.

Morality is alien to politics. International relations are closed to good faith negotiations. Balance of power is the only operative foreign strategy - and the West must use it against the Islamic enemy.

Terrorism is historically normal mode of war. Israel must respect terrorists as efficient warriors - and kill them, no matter the collateral damage. Wars are not humane.

Nuclear terrorism is unavoidable, and it will hit America before Israel. We must learn to mitigate its damages.

Only by shedding liberal idealism the West can win against Islamists. Advocating political rationalism, Shoher deplores ideological myths, and argues for separating politics from moralism. His motto is, an eye for an eye .

The Middle East will reject small Israel, and she can only survive by becoming big. Shoher demonstrates that Israel is militarily capable of annexing Saudi Arabian oilfields and North Lebanon - and proves that the West will tolerate the annexation.

Some call the Samson Blinded a war crimes manual, while the few recognize it as the efficient doctrine of antiterrorism and the uneasy Middle East coexistence.

Shoher, who writes under pen name, served in several public offices, managed election campaigns, and leads a political party. He wrote dozens of articles and essays on politics, political philosophy, religion, economy, and security matters.




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There's plenty of food for thought in this book, which, wrongheaded or not, is both open and fearless. Kirkus Discoveries

Some quotes from Amazon reviews:

A Streetsmart Israeli and The Arab Problem


jaywilton "jaywilton" (Detroit Mi. USA)

I'd particularly recommend 'Samson Blinded' for anyone referred to as "a Jewish leader"... Shoher makes his 'Machiavellian' case with sound documentation and psychological insight that could work.

Does something that hasn't been done


Y. Mann (Brooklyn, NY United States)

... while the author might be 'biased' toward the Israeli side he does not 'sugarcoat' anything that he presents ... The only thing he does is show and explain why Israel exists and what it has to do to keep on existing.

An interesting and provocative read


R. CAPPETTO (Moodus, CT United States)

Samson Blinded ... is a Philosophical treaties on the problems in the Middle East. ... Shoher looks to history and shows us what works and what doesn't and why ...
... if his solutions were followed we could have the peace sooner rather then later.



Ariel L. Yehuda

This is the best book I have read about the Middle East Conflict. ... Samson Blinded presents a realistic approach to the peace issues, while maintining a pragmatic solution...

Telling it like it is, not like we'd all like to pretend it is


Mahmoud Fahd (USA)

... Sometimes "what is" isn't nice, and isn't humane, but like it or not, it IS. This book shows the reader what is, and explains why.
Definitely for the realists of the world.
Definitely not for the ivory tower liberals.

Troubling but necessary


Mr. Bloom (New York)

Shoher has a rigorous, analytic mind that exposes a great deal of the mythology surrounding the conflict on both sides ... find out why terrorism's future may be brighter than we previously hoped.

A Clear Look at the Mid East finally!


Yaacov 'jake' Levi "Jake Levi" (Curran, MI, United States)

This books is a breath of fresh air amidst all the politically correct crap that has fouled the air too long ... A refusal of the truths herein is a refusal of reality.

Strong measures proposed for the defense of Israel


Charles Ashbacher (Hiawatha, Iowa United States)

Shoher argues that ... if an Arab blows up a bus in Tel Aviv, then a bus in an Arab city should be blown up in retaliation.
... this is one of the most interesting works in the arena of power politics that has been published for some time.

Solve terrorism in Israel
Reviewer: A reader
... Most of all, I agree with the author's frustration, his fury, his demand to DO SOMETHING!

"Even if a Palestinian state is created, its Arab neighbors will swallow it up."


C. Lorden "corlorde" (Meredith, NH United States)

First, at least someone is still thinking. ... Make no mistake, there are some very complex themes in this book.

In the Conundrum of the Middle East Problem, A Searing Voice Speaks


Grady Harp (Los Angeles, CA United States)

These are the words of a committed Israeli freedom fighter and as such deserve to be heard, read, discussed and debated

Well it is certainly Machiavellian.......


Lesley West (St James, Western Australia)

I will say that it is interesting, powerful in its arguments ... disturbing and distressing.

Can a Machiavellian solution be naive?


Dennis Littrell (SoCal)

Nonetheless this is an admirable book. Shoher presents Machiavelli's case with an abundance of clarity, reasoned argument and the kind of consistency admired by philosophers and mathematicians.

General impressions


M, J

Great food for contemplation. ... There is something in the book for everyone to disagree about. And something to agree about too.

Troubling and unsettling in its intent and predictions


John Harpur (Maynooth, Co. Kildare Ireland)

This is a book about conflict, full of conflict and with radical suggestions for ending conflict ... If the intention is to shock the reader, it achieves that end convincingly.
... Perhaps what is most troubling about the text is that it may actually come true.

Provocative, Interesting, but Far Too Extreme


Bernard Chapin "Ora Et Labora!"

That Shoher is more intelligent, perceptive, and realistic than many a Middle-Eastern commentator cannot be questioned ...

An interesting idea, but the presentation could've been better


David Forehand (Nashville, Tennessee United States)

... This book focuses on the idea that Israel's leaders should adapt Machiavelli's views on politics in order to achieve peace. As odd as this may sound to some people, the author makes lots of good points that support his argument.

From far right field


Tom Munro "tomfrombrunswick" (Melbourne, Victoria Australia)

... some of what he says is not the normal thought speak of the Israeli right, for example, "Presuming Israeli guilt, Palestinians are justified in attacking Jewish civilians." The book is unusual as it provides one of the most articulate arguments for the legitimacy of terrorism that has been published.

Great competence with unpalatable proposals


Paul Vjecsner (New York, NY United States)

The author is unquestionably very knowledgeable about the subject, but his opinions are frighteningly extreme.

An unusual book


Jill Malter

... the author of this book makes the point that once one side decides to gain property through war and violence, they're setting the rules of a game that others may decide to play. ...
Shoher says that the reason there is no peace between the Arabs and Israel is that the Arabs don't need peace. In addition, Israel is an ideal enemy for them: it is small and not very dangerous. ...
I agree with Shoher that Israel cannot sustain war: it needs peace. Shoher says that the creation of a Levantine Arab state would not be likely to produce peace. I agree with this as well... The author also cautions against half-measures. I agree with this principle too. If Israel wants to annex territory (or, as Shoher also says, abandon territory), it needs to do it, not vacillate. ...
What about territory? Shoher makes the point that the Arab war against Israel is not about territory, so ceding some of it will simply make matters worse. ...
Now, should there be another Jewish state in the Levant, maybe "Judea?" Or Yesha? Shoher discusses this as well, and I see no reason not to talk about it. ...
In any case, there's plenty of useful material in this book. Politically, it's all over the map, but some of its ideas are extreme, so I'm sure many folks will dismiss it on that basis alone. They shouldn't.

Speaking The Unspeakable, and Very Well

James Nathan Post, Postscript Publishing Company

This is certainly one of the most powerful and exciting books I have ever read. ...Shoher has done a masterful job of clearly stating that which is obvious to the objective and informed observer, but unspeakable in a time when political correctness demands that only the most tolerant and compromising of postures may be openly taken in international and intercultural intercourse.

Shoher is not a fast or easy read.He makes his points rigorously, and uses a wealth of history and apparent personal experience to do so.It is refreshing even if sometimes shocking that he does not take an apologetic tone, or repeat polite disclaimers about ... the clear conclusions to which taking a pragmatic and objective look at those options must necessarily lead.

... Shoher contends with Machiavelli that the most effective use of power is to take decisive, unchallengable, and unquestionable actions, and to bring the matter to as rapid an end as possible. Both the victors and the conquered are best able to get on with the results. ...

He points out that the justifying rhetoric behind the different positions of every group involved is equally arguable, and moot....

Whether you would be the militant Lion Of Judah, a Neo-Nazi for Allah, or an open-minded honest person trying to make some objective sense of the maelstrom of movements and motivations surrounding the existence of Israel, this is an extreme viewpoint well worth taking the time to examine.

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