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US Senators honor Jewish charity

Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz

Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz Washington, D.C. "EFRAT is an organization that reminds us about the sanctity of life, by celebrating life...EFRAT is not involved in politics, not involved in legislation. It is involved in giving women the resources they need."

Senator Jim DeMint

Senator Jim DeMint, SC "Thanks for representing in such a great way the saving of lives. It makes me very proud to have the opportunity of being here together with EFRAT."

Rabbi Levi Shem Tov

Rabbi Levi Shem Tov Dir. of American Friends of Lubavitch "Every neshamah is able to be míkayim kameh v'kameh mitzvos. And here for a mere one thousand dollars we are able to help bring a neshamah into this world. How much more so if we could bring in thousands of dollars, as EFRAT did in the past year."

Senator Mel Martinez

Senator Mel Martinez, FL "I am delighted to tell you that what EFRAT does is important, itís important to inspire us and it's important to keep us all accountable."

Rabbi Abba Cohen

Rabbi Abba Cohen Dir. of W.A. Office for Agudat Yisroel "I bring you greetings from our council of Torah Sages and Rabbinic Leadership, who join me and join us all in honoring EFRAT, this extraordinary organization... This is what EFRAT is all about, rebuilding the Jewish nation, rebuilding the Jewish people"

Senator Richard Lugar

Senator Richard Lugar, IN "I came to shake the hands of those who save the lives of unborn children."

Rabbi Menacham Genack

Rabbi Menacham Genack Rabbinic Administrator of the OU "I honor Dr. Schussheim and those associated with EFRAT, for their extraordinary work, and the hope, faith and optimism that they give to those mothers."

Senator James M

Senator James M. Inhofe, OK "You give the option of life, and that is truly the highest cause we can dedicate ourselves to."

Senator Charles Schumer

Senator Charles Schumer, NY

Congressman Trent Franks

Congressman Trent Franks AZ "All of G-d's children have intrinsic, inestimatable value to Him. And that is the only thing that holds the family together."

Congressman Jeff Fortenbury

Congressman Jeff Fortenbury NE "There are thousands of people who have life, who have hope and oppurtunity to celebrate with their families and to enjoy the wonderful gift of life...And it's you at EFRAT who get the credit."

Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz Sen. Tom Cobumís Chief of staff "I'm interested in seeing EFRAT grow and seeing its support in America grow. Because I believe the more money EFRAT raises in America, the more Jewish babies have life in Israel."

Morton Klein

Morton Klein National President of ZOA "The most effective way to fight the Jewish demographic challenge is the organization of EFRAT. Through their comprehensive programs tens of thousands of Jewish children and their offspring have been saved."

Willim Daroff

Willim Daroff - UJC "On behalf of the UJC, I want to add my kavod to all of you at EFRAT, for all the good work that you do in Eretz Yisroel."