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Pro-Choice AND Pro-Life

Why Efrat has been called: "The Real Pro-Choice Organization"

Of the 900 women who undergo an abortion in Israel every week there are hundreds whose first choice is to have their babies, but due to financial or social pressures they feel they have no choice but to terminate their pregnancies. Efrat was founded in 1977 to reach out to these women in their hour of need. By offering a package of support Efrat gives the economic confidence to over 3,000 women every year to achieve their first choice - to have their babies.

Dr. Eli Schussheim, a well-known surgeon in Israel who is the Director of Efrat and runs the organization on a voluntary basis, is fond of saying:

"In the over 25,000 cases EFRAT has supported over the past 30 years, I have yet to meet the first mother who told me she is sorry to have her child alive and well in her home."