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Pro-choice and Pro-life.

What does the word choice mean in pro-choice? A mother who cannot afford to buy her child a needed medicine—is it her choice to leave the baby without help? Similarly, if a woman wants a baby but registers for an abortion because of social and economic pressures—is that her choice?

Close to 50,000 abortions take place in Israel annually. Many of them are the woman’s choice, but many others are acts of desperation. Here is where Efrat steps in.

We typically work with women in their thirties who already have two or three children. Make no mistake—they want that child, or they wouldn’t be calling us, but peer pressure tells them that an “extra” child is one too many. Often, husbands do not want the additional financial burden. In such cases, family pushes the woman to go against her choice and have an abortion.

Never, ever does Efrat persuade a woman to change her mind. Rather, we help women to remove the obstacles that preclude them from realizing their first choice—to have a baby.

Thousands of our volunteers throughout the country stand ready to help women in need with their daily tasks. Efrat also offers these women token assistance—mostly baby food. In this way, last year alone, we helped more than 3,000 Israeli mothers to have their lovely babies.

We measure our success with one digit—zero. In Efrat’s thirty years of operation we have received zero letters from mothers who regretted their choice—and we have received thousands of happy letters.

With your help, the number of happy letters can double.