Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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Shoher, indeed, calls for the use of WMD.

Israel lives, and for the foreseeble future will continue to live in the hostile environment. She won't be able to significantly decrease the IDF's size which only increased since the Sinai treaty. On other hand, large IDF drains Israeli economy. The only solution is to say to Arabs: "Guys, we dismantle the IDF, leaving
only few mobile units. But look, now we can only defend ourselves with nuclear bomb. In case of your invasion, we have no other weapons to escalate the conflict. If planning attack on Israel, consider that we will have no choice but using the nuclear weapons."
That move reestablishes credibility of Israeli nuclear deterrent, and allows downsizing IDF.

Shoher would also prefer using Israeli nuclear weapons against Egyptians in 1973 to thousands of Israeli deaths.

Nuclear weapons are useless for Israel as offensive device, but only as defensive weapons.

Shoher also calls for less restraints in using improved conventional munitions, such as cluster and vacuum bombs which Israel hesistated to use even against the enemy's armored units and strongholds.

Basically, Shoher prefers Arab death toll to Jewish, while our leftist-dependent government did exactly the opposite, losing IDF's soldiers in Lebanon and now in the territories.