Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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Shoher accepts multi-ethnic Israel and the Palestinian state, doesn't he? That contradicts Torah!


Indeed, there are two relevant obligations; to drive out the Canaanites and not to allow them to dwell in the Land. The first obligation might be interpreted as one-time, and already fulfilled by the Hebrews. The second refers to Canaanites specifically; there are many other indications that other aborigines and foreigners can live among Jews. Now, we the Jews contend everywhere that Palestinians are not indigenous tribe, but came from elsewhere. Thus, we cannot treat them as biblical Canaanites.

I don't mean this to overturn the ruling of sages, and neither I try to promote Shoher as the authority on Torah. I just show you Obadiah's line of reasoning, and you can see that it might be correct or not, but it does not proceed out of ignorance or Epicureanism.

Shoher is hands and legs against Palestinian state, except the one in Jordan. He, however, honestly explores a possibility of creating such state, and shows pro and contra. As for the measures he suggests, this is exactly the reason he chose a pen name. We learned from Kahane that politician cannot afford to say all truth.

Shoher's honest position is: no negotiations, expel Israeli Arabs, clear the West Bank of the Palestinians and force Jordan to accept them, divide Lebanon with Syria, and possibly annex most of Jordan driving the locals to Iraq. This is somewhat of his goal, though, not exactly what he advocates.